Video - Electric cars in winter... Any good?

Discussion in 'General' started by Andre Laurence, Feb 6, 2021.

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  1. That is pretty good considering that the e-Mini is based on old EV technology!
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  3. DCMB

    DCMB New Member

    Thanks for the videos, and the subsequent discussion.
    I am always interested in the discussion about the need for costly infrastructure in the form of charging stations paid for by the taxpayer. I've had my Leaf+ for almost 2 years and every time someone asks me about it they want to know how many options there are in the city to charge. Honestly I have never had to use one. My house has all the infrastructure I need, done at my own expense. We use the vehicle for urban transportation and commuting, for which EV's are perfectly suited, and unless I was to drive hundreds of Km's per day I really have no need for any charging facility other than my own garage.
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  4. I am the same as you, I only charge at home unless I take a long trip, like the 3800km trip I took last September.
  5. I just made a 184 miles (390 km) one-way Trip. Driving back today, over very mountainous terrain. Only Lvl2 charging available. That's New Mexico for you. The Kona is holding up great.
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  6. That's because the Kona is a great EV
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