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Discussion in 'Model 3' started by wes4usc, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. wes4usc

    wes4usc New Member

    I just got version 9 update today. I haven't been able to try out everything yet.
    I do notice that I am now missing the microphone icon to do voice command.
    Anybody else notice that? Or am I just blind and completely overlooking it.

    I also noted a change in USB audio that I don't like. When I click on albums, the albums are just listed by a list of album names - the old version displayed all the cover art, like on my itunes screen on my computer. Made it easier to make a choice while on the go. Both easier to see and also easier to hit with my finger because it was a bigger target. I don't like the new version. On the other hand, it appears that there is now an option for shuffle playback.

    I haven't been able to check out the dashcam/video option or the Atari games and haven't driven with it yet.

    Oh yeah, I am now able to browse the internet on the touchscreen.

    Also, I mad a phone call and at the end, I didn't see any options to hang up.
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  3. wes4usc

    wes4usc New Member

    Voice command button is still there. I was sitting in the car with my seatbelts off and the seatbelt warning window was covering over the area with the voice command button.

    Duh! Never mind!

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