Vanderhall Edison

Discussion in 'Other EVs' started by Apexerman, Nov 29, 2017.

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  1. Apexerman

    Apexerman Member

    For folks who may not be aware of this unique machine, check out the upcoming Vanderhall Edison: A low-slung electric three-wheeler! Watch the video of Jay Leno's Garage to get a sense of this awesome autocycle in gas-powered form. It'll be even better under electric power. :D
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  3. The Vanderhall made a pretty good splash at CES last week.
    Here's a video of the vehicle and a bit about the company.

  4. Apexerman

    Apexerman Member

    I like this machine. Proximity to the ground, open cockpit, stellar performance. Having driven a Lotus Super 7 and an Exocet tube-framed car, the sensation of speed is greatly enhanced when you're next to pavement. Add the instant torque of the electric version and this thing has gotten thrill written all over it. Some sort of traction control or electronic stability would be a nice feature. I could see myself approaching a corner with a bit too much enthusiasm. ;)
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  5. Mattski

    Mattski New Member

    I sat in this at CES. Awesome look, pretty comfort for my 6’ 3” size. I liked it

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  6. Vanderhall just released another video of the Edison2. A bit of an odd music selection, but here's how they explain it:
    "You say, 'I will lay me down in my own grave.'" What are you going to do with your free time? Are you going to use it to enjoy life? Are you going to explore your surroundings? Or are you just going to lay yourself down in front of a screen and slowly die--in your own grave? Time is precious. Don't waste it in idle coach potato nothingness. Don't lay yourself down in your own grave--get out and live.

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  8. NeilBlanchard

    NeilBlanchard Active Member

    Hey! They absconded with the Edison2 name, that was the Edison2 Very Light Car, that won the Automotive X-Prize.
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  9. Apexerman

    Apexerman Member

    That is an interesting music selection, but once explained, it makes sense. I still want to redesign that nose... a little less commercial ventilation grate and more early 50's Ferrari. Pull the nose forward slightly, increase forward rake and relocate the egg-crate grille inward a few inches. Prettiness. ;)
  10. Yeah, I thought it was just called the Edison, but it seems it's the Edison2.

    I see the VLC Edison2 website is still online, though it doesn't appear to have had much activity in the past 5 years.

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