V2G Technical Questions

Discussion in 'General' started by rogon, Mar 30, 2018.

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  1. rogon

    rogon New Member

    Why is the inverter for a V2G so expensive £8000 to £9500 for a 10KW unit per Drive Electric in UK.

    Is there not an inverter in an EV and why is this not available to connect the stored battery to the grid ?

    Are there not 2 pin terminals available on the socket connection on an EV (CCS or Chadamo) available to connect the battery to an external inverter (which may be connected to a solar panel at the same voltage) ?
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  3. I'm not exactly sure how this program works, but it seems like you would have to have this particular inverter in order to take part in the program and get money back. They're projecting £300-£800 back from that initial investment, which is nice but 10 years seems like a little too long for payback. Not sure if there is a non-altruistic advantage of having the V2G, in that case, but maybe I'm forgetting something.

    Here's a short video from the Drive Electric site explaining what they do, for those unfamiliar.


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