UVO Required to Text Using Voice Commands?!?

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by Robert Lewis, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis Member

    So, I just passed my 1 year anniversary with the Niro EV within the last week. Generally, I love the car. I let my UVO subscription lapse because I really didn't see much value in it for me. However, I just discovered that you can't use voice commands to send a text message without a UVO subscription?!

    That's such a basic functionality, and it requires a subscription, really? My phone is connected via Bluetooth. It still let's me make calls using voice commands. It still receives and reads texts. But sending a text requires a subscription. LAME.
  2. davidtm

    davidtm Active Member

    Well, there's always Android Auto or Car Play . . .

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  3. Robert Lewis

    Robert Lewis Member

    Yeah, I know it can be done in Android auto, but I've actually been using the car's nav and phone/text features for a while. Been nice not to have to constantly plug in my phone. This just seems like such a basic functionality to require a subscription. My last 2 cars could do this with just a Bluetooth connection to my phone.
  4. CR EV

    CR EV Member

    Check out Echo Auto, voice device connecting car to phone for Alexa services.

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