Used e-golfs - glut of 2016s - why?

Discussion in 'Volkswagen' started by Angelo, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Angelo

    Angelo New Member

    We've been test driving a few used e-golfs locally here in CO. It's a great feeling car and for the $ a good option for a low use city car for a family. For some reason they are ALL 2016 models. They are typically being purchased by local dealers from CA locations. I have a hard time imagining they are all coming off leases. Is there a problem with this year for this car? Each car we've researched has had issues with charging. Most of them with the charging port on the car. Two of the cars won't charge to full capacity. No dealer is sending these through the Certified Pre-Owner process, so a bit concerned. Battery is covered for 8 years or 100k miles, so that helps, but not getting a good feeling on the charging. How can we be sure about the health of the battery?

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