US 2020 Kia Niro EV EX software version

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by rampart51, Feb 12, 2021.

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  1. rampart51

    rampart51 New Member

    I recently purchased a Niro EV and asked the dealer to make sure the software was up to date. I don't think it is, but cannot find what the latest version should be.

    US 2020 Kia Niro EV EX (no navigation)

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  3. NorCaliBen

    NorCaliBen New Member

    You can look at the Kia update page. If you click on the specific update, there will be a link to the list of eligible vehicles. The November update includes updates to software (as well as navigation). It shows the 2020 Niro EV on the list. You'll have to check your car's model name (under Setup in the menu) to see if the update is for your vehicle.

    EV-olution on YouTube walks you through the update process on his 2019 Niro EV. It's a little different on a 2020, but you can get the general idea of how to do it. The link to the Kia updates in the video are old. The current link is the one I pasted above.
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  4. rampart51

    rampart51 New Member

    Thanks but the 2020 Kia Niro EV is NOT in that list....just the 2019.
  5. NorCaliBen

    NorCaliBen New Member

    The 2020 Kia Niro EV is on the list for the November 2020 Navigation Map and Software Update. The update does both the map and system software. If the model name in your Niro's setup matches the one on the list, you should be able to update it. upload_2021-3-4_9-43-37.png
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  6. rampart51

    rampart51 New Member

    Thanks again for trying to help but my Software Version is not in this list. Mine is :

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  8. NorCaliBen

    NorCaliBen New Member

    AFAIK, it's the Model Names that should match. It's not clear from the sparse instructions, but what's shown on the list for software and map are the new version numbers once updated, not the starting version numbers. My original software version was ********.191209 and that November update worked just fine. The software version on my car is now ********.201029 as shown on the list.

    Anyway, maybe all this speculation is moot. I just started to recall how I got the update. You need to download the Navigation Updater program from the link on that page. When you run the Updater, it asks you to enter your model name or software version as part of the process of the program looking for the proper update. It will show you what update is appropriate for your model (or not if there isn't an update). So, instead of this back and forth, download and run the Navigation Updater and see if shows you can update. My memory is kinda vague on all the details, but if there is an update, you'll need a USB drive for the program to copy the update to.
  9. Robert Besen

    Robert Besen Member

    I just updated my 2020 ev premium today. Like Ben says, just download the updater software (at and run it. You don't need the software version number or software model number; you can search by car model (2019 or 2020 Niro ev). You need a 32 GB or larger USB thumb drive. It took me about a half hour to get the update on the drive, and about 20 or 25 minutes to get the car updated. YMMV, depending on the speed of your internet and thumb drive.
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  10. Eric1

    Eric1 New Member

    I looked into this two weeks ago. Called KIA customer service as well as my dealer. They both said the same thing - there is no update for non-premium Niro EV models at this time. The premium model has a completely different head unit, as well as navigation. Downloading and attempting to reconfigure the computer can cause adverse, potentially irreversible issues/glitches. I chose to heed their advice, as I don't wish to have my car in the shop for a costly irresponsible repair. Good luck.
  11. rampart51

    rampart51 New Member

    Thanks Eric.....I think I'll wait and keep my eye on the update site. Odd that there has been no update for the EX car. Maybe PREMIUM means no updates!
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  13. scoutboy

    scoutboy New Member

    I suggest you skip it. I do not like the new interface. The new purple scheme is not pretty, and you lose your 3 widget home screen and the radio interface is confusing. Getting to battery information is not easy as it was on my homescreen before. I am not a fan of this purplish mashup. I consider it a downgrade! I wish I could return to the pre-Nov2020 version.
  14. Robert Besen

    Robert Besen Member

    I got an email from Kia today announcing a new software update. After the disappointment of the last update I'm not in a hurry to install the new one, and I can't seem to find any information about it.
  15. CR EV

    CR EV Active Member

    I posted the link in another thread: Navigation Updater | Official Kia Navigation Update Website
    I have the 2019 Premium so can't comment on updates for the EX version.
  16. I'm downloading now for the US 2020 premium, will see if there really is a new version..
  17. scoutboy

    scoutboy New Member

    I believe the email we all received toady is just announcing the April 12, 2021 update. I have loaded it and it did not change the interface greatly from the Nov 2020 update. I think they renamed the Cancel Route button in maps and the other stuff is not very exciting. details:
  18. I downloaded it yesterday, indeed a new version, the voice control to set a destination or to send a text message is helpful. A few other bits are ok, small improvements.

    Funny, in the opening paragraph they refer to the "Aqua-color GIU"..... Aqua is blue, like water, where the word came from... It's purple guys! There's a translation and perception difference apparently!

    Will load later today, from all the other forums, many people have updated no problem. I suppose there is a map update folded in.

  19. Robert Besen

    Robert Besen Member

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