Upcoming Chinese-built Electric MINI Cooper SUVs

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by insightman, Oct 28, 2020.

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  1. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    InsideEVs posted this article today:
    MINI: New Electric Models Coming, Plus Dedicated EV Platform In The Works

    MotorAuthority floated some rumored names for these new EVs:
    Mini plans 2 more SUVs, both with electric powertrains
    "A revival of the Paceman name for the dedicated EV and Traveller for the compact SUV has been rumored." and "Mini was rumored to be working on a minicar smaller than the Cooper SE for its next EV, though that model looks to be off the table for now."

    Here's the official press release from BMW/MINI
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  3. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    "The larger SUV is being designed primarily for North America, where the Countryman is deemed too small."

    Ugh, that's not a MINI. But I get trying to improve sales. I think chasing the American SUV is a major factor that stripped VW of all its personality.

    The reason I still have an R55 Clubman is the F54 is too big. I will upgrade if it comes out as PHEV, or ideally a BEV. But rumors are the Clubman might go away to be replaced by the SUV.
  4. Tommy Electric

    Tommy Electric Active Member

    A little disappointed that they're going to build Minis in China, TBH.
  5. GetOffYourGas

    GetOffYourGas Well-Known Member

    And I'm very disappointed that they are focusing on SUVs. I really wanted a convertible, but at least they made the 3-door hardtop electric.
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  6. F14Scott

    F14Scott Well-Known Member

    I agree. This obsession with SUVs, and the demise of sedans and even hatchbacks, is ridiculous, IMO. Almost no one needs 4WD, and the cost, weight, ride, fuel use, and handling penalties incurred by lifted 4WD crossovers are huge, borne by millions of people fooled by car companies' advertising showing people fording streams and climbing mountains in cars that will likely never summit anything steeper than their own driveway.
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  8. GvilleGuy

    GvilleGuy Well-Known Member

    Correct! I bought a 3-row 2WD Hyundai Santa Fe in 2014, and it served its purpose well - hauling son, daughter, and two nieces from schools. But now those critters are driving themselves around and the SUV serves as truck duty for hauling yard stuff to the land fill. My son will drive it after I (hopefully) get a Mini SE. I hope to swap my household over to EVs over the next 10 years or so as the gas vehicles need to be replaced. But our American obsession with large SUVs is not showing signs of flagging yet.
  9. Toi

    Toi Well-Known Member

    I concur... people have been 'sold' on having a vehicle that 'does it all' but most don't do it all with it, so it's a compromise without purpose in most cases.

    I love my mini, but if I need to take a cross-country trip with 4 other people, I'll be firing up my Crown Vic because you can't beat the comfort at 70mph for hours on end... if I am going off into the woods hunting or if it snows, I'll break out the Ranger because 4wd/winch and actual need for it... if I need to haul 15,000lbs of onions 500 miles (volunteering for a local food charity), I have the trusty Kodiak C60 because Jacked McDieselton in his 3500HD can't haul more than 4,500lbs safely. I prefer a purpose-build vehicle, but I can also see the appeal for a vehicle that is 'ok' for multiple purposes and the cost savings of not having multiple vehicles... but anything built as a do-all won't do anything as good as something purpose-built. /soapbox.
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  10. Lainey

    Lainey Well-Known Member

    I do prefer AWD where I live in the winter, but I was happy to drop my AWD for a smaller car with better mileage. Most families don't need more than a regular 4door but most think bigger is better. One friend is trying to convince me to get a Tesla and at this point that's too big for my needs. Maybe as our Civic replacement but not as my Mini. I think the bigger is better is why so many remain in ICE. They are convinced only ICE can meet their needs.
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  11. Norbu72

    Norbu72 Active Member

    We are definitely downsizing and electrifying. I’m selling our 2014 Honda Accord hybrid tomorrow. Then we’ll just have the Audi A3 eTron plug-in and (hopefully next week) the SE.

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  13. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    This depends on where you live. I grew up in downstate NY with lots of rotten winter weather. Never needed 4wd, never got stuck, and never thought I needed a truck. Then I moved to Texas and couldn’t survive without a truck and 4wd. Never understood it until I moved.

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  14. MichaelC

    MichaelC Well-Known Member

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  15. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

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  16. Tommy Electric

    Tommy Electric Active Member

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  17. GetOffYourGas

    GetOffYourGas Well-Known Member

    What part of downstate NY? I grew up in East Fishkill, on top of a mountain. We used to get snowed in, and lose power for weeks at a time. But we got by just fine with FWD cars. Now I go back to visit family in the area, and looking around you would believe that noone would be able to live there at all without AWD. It's amazing how gullible people are.
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  18. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    Aside from the extra expense and complexity of AWD (and likely weight), it helps to get the car going in bad conditions but doesn't help to stop. Snow tires, on the other hand, help with both going and stopping. And total cost of ownership is much less than AWD.

    Mark me down as a fan of good snow tires over AWD for winter driving.
  19. Toi

    Toi Well-Known Member

    +1 - spent my formative years on icy/snowy roads with proper winter tires and rear wheel drive. It's not an easy life, but it teaches you things :)
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  20. Lainey

    Lainey Well-Known Member

    tires do make way more of a difference. I do like AWD but obviously wasn't a need for me after I got rid of my CR-V

    It's now more of a daunting task to switch tires out with such a small back end to transport. I just have suffered with some good all season tires on my current Mini.
  21. GetOffYourGas

    GetOffYourGas Well-Known Member

    This is part of why I had my snow tires mounted on separate rims. It's a higher upfront cost, but I figure I save money over the lifetime, since I can switch tires myself (and rotate them while I'm at it).
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  22. Lainey

    Lainey Well-Known Member

    I have long standing back issues stemming from a childhood condtion. Doing my own tires as long been out for me sadly.
  23. GetOffYourGas

    GetOffYourGas Well-Known Member

    I am sorry to hear that. That is understandable.

    I imagine that four tires would fit in the back of the Mini if you fold down the back seat.

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