Undercarriage oil pan cover

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Reissc, May 20, 2020.

  1. Reissc

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    Hello everyone,

    Can anybody help with a link to the part # or diagram that includes the aluminum cover that you remove for an oil change? I'm not sure what the correct name is. I bent mine up a bit and would like to find a replacement. I've searched through a bunch of diagrams, but I can't seem to find the right one . I appreciate your help!

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  2. MrFixit

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    This is weird.
    I looked through the part diagrams too, and just can't seem to find it either. You are not going crazy !
  3. craze1cars

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    Just call any Honda dealership parts department, and put their parts guy on the search. As for part number and price, they'll gladly provide both over phone.
  4. ClarityBill

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    Looks like you want just part of

    Cover Assembly, Motor (Lower) - Honda (74110-TRW-A00)
  5. MrFixit

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  6. craze1cars

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    Wouldn’t surprise me at all if you have to buy the whole thing just to get the access cover. Not uncommon. But that’s just a guess. Any online research is wasted time. Call the parts department for real answers. They’ll figure it out.

    Also I gotta suggest...if it’s just bent? Straighten it.
  7. Reissc

    Reissc New Member

    It is bent which is easily straightened, but I also ripped open a few of the screw holes. It really was a nice piece of work! I may just see if I can throw some washer on there and get it to hold. I really appreciate everyone trying to find it online.

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  8. Robert_Alabama

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