UK future EV charging project for 2030, we need to hear your opinion and voice

Discussion in 'General' started by betterchargenow, Oct 19, 2021.

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  1. betterchargenow

    betterchargenow New Member

    Dear EV lovers (owners):

    We are a group of students from the Royal College of Art London. Now we are specifically doing a project regarding changing and enhancing or

    adjusting the whole charging system and service to meet future needs from now to 2030. As charging service will impact everyone's life in the future,

    We would pretty much like to know your concerns, needs, and hopes even fears towards this change. Your current experience is also valuable to help

    redesign the service. Please kindly take the survey by using the link below. We thank you in advance for your help! If you would like to join our focus group

    and discuss your visions, frustrations, we would like to have you in one of our zoom meetings.

    We are also conducting 2 workshops for EV and non-EV users this Thursday and Friday:

    Thursday, 21st October- 5-6 pm UK time, and you need to be a user in the UK.

    Friday, 22nd October- 5-6 pm UK time, and you need to be a user in the UK.

    If you would like to sign up for these, do RSVP to this link below. We don't have much to offer, but can buy you a coffee!

    Feel free to leave us contacts in the link below.

    [URL unfurl="true"][/URL]

    Or shoot us an email:

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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I assume it is UK only survey.

    Bob Wilson
  4. betterchargenow

    betterchargenow New Member

    Hi it is UK only atm, but still thank you for reading our post!
  5. betterchargenow

    betterchargenow New Member

  6. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    Be sure to hit up too, I think that community has a heavy UK bias.

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