Typical KwH/100 miles

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by kent335, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. kent335

    kent335 Member

    In EV mode, what has your experience been with how many KwH does it take for you to go 100 miles? I'm not looking for your best hypermiling usage, but what you typically see on a day to day basis.

    I'm talking about the number of KwH that you draw from the wall to go 100 miles. I want to include all electrical losses due to charger inefficiencies and car inverter inefficiencies. I'd like to get a sample of what it has been for you. I've driven about 1000 miles in EV mode. www.fueleconomy.gov has the Clarity Plug In using 31 KwH/100 miles. For the 1000 miles, my data is the following:

    Overall: 27.5 KwH / 100 miles
    Charger: Siemens 32 Amp 240V
    Typical outdoor weather during drives: 95-100 degrees
    Air Conditioning use: All the time
    Terrain and highway use: Flat terrain, 80% highway at 70 MPH, 20% surface streets
    Driver profile: I drive very conservatively, always in the blue zone, easy acceleration, maximum use of the regeneration paddles.
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  3. AnthonyW

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