Trying to rehabilitate an 'analyst' shill

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 22, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Remember what these people do, they are paid by opponents to misrepresent and mislead the public on the public interest especially when it comes to any entity that seeks to challenge the unacceptable status quo like Tesla.

    A couple calls a go a particular shill was asking stupid misleading extremely dishonest assume-the-result double-bind phony questions and Musk cut him off and went to a kid on YouTube. That makes a lot of sense because the needed info about the company is in the filed financial statements and or in the tweets or other sources, no need to give a paid liar that works for the petrol scam any time to mislead. So now they are trying to say this shill's input on service margins has meaning or caused a stock price drop as in revenge of the shill. It didn't and it doesn't! Its like a case of trying to attribute potency to a shill to help shill shorts as told by a shill.

    It was funny that right after that earnings call, one of the shill rags tried to scare the shill analysts as a group by referring to one of them as a 'technician'- essentially implying they were being demoted as a group for getting knocked out by Musk. What is needed is a purging of the rationalist realist moron realpolitik perspective on Tesla. Always see it coming a million miles away when they start taking about 'reality checks' and all this other sht that doesn't comport with slavery and domination by a certain gender and ethnic group. Their whole goal is to try to make the narrative identical to a consensus of liars and fools. They are not skeptics or critics not even the level of cynical idiot kind of skeptics like a James Randi. No, they are paid liars and fools that work for captured shill media and captured finance- captured by the petrol scam. On some things aside from personal distaste there is no meaningful opposition. At this point being opposed to Tesla is like being opposed to water or being opposed to physicians trying to save people in emergency rooms.
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