Trump wants 'national security' ban on German luxury cars sales in US.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 6, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    This is happening right now and it is especially telling in context. Consider that Trump is also saying he can use national security to force people to buy and support coal profits. Let us keep in mind that he said the energy sector was in shambles because of Obama. What this is about is Germany is taking the final steps to outright ban coal in Germany. Coal for the US-TES is an ideological buffer against what is sure to be the fate of natural gas and oil so they are furious about seeing it being shut down in Germany hence the tensions. Also, the EU is set within the next 3 years to outright ban Diesel. Trump admin is seeing the world pick up its slack on Paris. This is driving it mad because it is under the delusion that it can force people including its on people under the guise of national security and secrecy (last stand of despots) to buy its toxic petrol fuel energy junk. Surely its telling Germany if it doesn't stop with its electric vehicle plans it won't allow them to sell their higher end cars in the US. Its saying this is a national security issue because petrol captured US adminstrations since the 50s have allowed the petrol fuel energy industry to hold the US financial sector and and the US tax base hostage. But not all people in the financial industry are not ready to take the fall for petrol fuels next failure on cue- as one Goldman exec said recently "big oil was never that big, they couldn't even pay their dividends without loans from us," think about that in the context of the subsides below.

    Remember Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Accord and the terrorist Bush Admin pulled out of Kyoto- remember at the end of the Bush admin one of its officials was promising an N would go off somewhere in the US. Remember Rex Tillerson former head of Exxon and former US Secretary of State said he supported a carbon tax as long as it would be used to fund social security- that's really a hostage offering saying you can retire as long as we continue to fund extortionate devastating petrol welfare for the ultra rich- its like and American Saudi Arabia. Remember also White House Chief of Staff General Kelly recently saying that the US should have compromised on slavery to prevent the Civil War- he recognizes the continued existence of petrol depends on what the South wanted in the Civil War with a right to enslave or a right to exploit people as Jefferson Davis was insisting but Lincoln refused, it amounts to a right to convert people to property formally a right to murder them- many forms of slavery are worse than murder in that you volition is basically murdered and one is forced into a life with no utility imprisoned in an involuntary body held hostage and subject to the worst abuses, in such situations one and all their loved ones are essentially constantly with guns to their heads.

    Now think 911 and Enron and its apparent intentional breaking of the CA budget and the 2 Iraqs, TARP and Libya and the 3 Bush presidencies and an attempt at more Bush presidencies and who the Bushes were and where they are from and how the captured oppressor supply side useless media pushes and spins for this. Look at Russia supposedly meddling in the US elections- what happened to the US is what happens to developing world countries. Think about the reasons Russia would have risked this- trying to prevent WWIII over a useless obsolete commodity. Now think about US raising tariffs and China lowering them. The US is on the ropes and has ceded the top spot to China now over petrol fuel energy.

    Even with a built out US think about the stupidity that would have put the US in such a helpless situation. Think about about how the US's reputation has suffered since the idiot and criminal George W. Bush administration and how none of the culprits in that admin were brought to justice save a few that Trump has started releasing prematurely. Think about how despite the W. Admin pushing petrol harder than any admin in history it still destroyed the US economy and brought the US to the brink of collapse because petrol economics do not work- its increasing and cummulative permanent inefficiencies hollow out and collapse any economy that persists in it- truly unsustainable for economic reasons that go way beyond scarcity to a matter of pure burn out.

    Just prior to Trump, mid western natural gas producers were going bankrupt and threatening to unravel the petrol derivative Ponzi fraud again potentially bring on bail-ins in the US and bringing down the US banking system again. Think of the insane stupidity of suggesting green systems need subsidies when they not longer do, never needed much and now are quite the opposite of needing subsidies where petrol needs ever increasing subsidies. Think about Hillary wanting to go into Iran and despite beating Trump by the 4th greatest popular margin in US history she lost because the electoral college learned courtesy of Anonymous that her ring-through-the nose plan to go into Iran at the behest of two sponsoring mid east states (talk about election meddling) at risk of global war that could go nuclear was real- Electoral college got wind just in time and vetoed her- remember during the Bush admin she sold natural gas for Cheny around the world.

    Realize the US no longer has a free press- totally gone by the Bush administration. Look at the media around Tesla, now claiming the electric cars have to have higher insurance rates because they have more accidents, petrol isn't safe so they try to say electrics aren't safe, petrol needs massive increasing subsidies so following the 3 Reich press manual they try to say green needs them when the reality is quite the opposite- this kind of stuff shows capture. What kind of paid to get the Darwin award people work for these magazines surely they think the public consists of fools who deserve this treatment- such utter contempt.

    Read between the lines where maybe half of our health insurance monies and half of our life insurance monies and half of our pension funds and half of our auto insurance monies are invested in a rigged stock market where half of the assets are in underwater economically stranded petrol assets. Think about what it means for it to be illegal to audit derivatives because vast majority of derivatives insure junk petrol assets that no one would insure if they knew what they were and could see the actual risk entailed of assured collapse so they have to be blind but when something is blind insured that insurance of blind debt must be insured such that insurance becomes a circular Ponzi scheme. How to be a fool to think the collapse was from loans to poor people- rich TES petrol wealth caused it and Meg Whitman style they blame the poor for being lazy- who is it that is idle and lazy? Thank about what it means for 5.4 Trillion (very low estimate- Musk's) estimate to be handed to petrol fuel energy sector in the form of direct state subsidies where the amounts are greater than 150% of revenues and where year in and year out this happens and where in the US that would be half the federal budget and where failure is still so constant due to horrid economics that the industry still has to borrow like crazy to pay its useless unnecessary fake profit and phony transfer payment financed dividends. Under these circumstances working for say IBM as an employee your wages would be suppressed to cover the extra tax for half the services you and society didn't get (and worse- money going to TES is a net negative
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    multiplier) and on top of this you'd still be paying everywhere in the financial world to cover it further and to no positive avail. Note banks don't really even pay interest on savings accounts anymore and want to charge negative interest- more hollowing out by petrol more incessant bailing out.

    Think about what it means that we can't audit the Fed, what is it they are doing that would merit that kind of secrecy- we know its the petrol scam. Think about what secret non democratic sequestration of the federal budget means. Think about what it meant for the Bush energy policy to be secret. Why?! What is happening is more petrol scam, half the federal budget is being wasted on this year in and out, we pay for services we don't get to support this private oligarchy or hereditary petrol monarchy type BS. Think about what secret energy policy means- seriously after Afganistan and Iraq II the defense dept budget stayed elevated by half a trillion dollars- all continued petrol bailout. We have a malevolent energy based dictatorship that is being deposed.

    Think about what it means that we elected a reality TV show type clown who claims to have more money than he has (probably ins't a billionaire) who can't release his taxes and who doesn't understand he can't appoint family members to public office and doesn't understand that public office can't be used for private gain. Think about choice like Cruz and Rubio- people not in a million universes fit to hold even a figure head head of state position.

    Basically every aspect of the US economy has been held hostage and hollowed out by the petro fuel energy sector and by people who are dishonest and don't know how to do the right thing and fearing a brown wave have been trying to take the world back the the plantation and reverse the outcome of the Civil War. When Hillary Clinton said Republican's have a plantation mentality this is what she was talking about. Think about the election fraud this cycle, Hillary losing to Bernie but fraudulently advancing to the actual election and then losing again to Trump. Who was it that advanced her. Then having frauded she couldn't even contest Trump not even with the election scandal. Look at her absolute hypocrisy with Julian Assange. Think about how easy it would have been for her to win is she could have convinced Bernie to be the VP or if she could have acted less like a hard core conservative purchased by the right. But she cheated against Bernie and he couldn't stand what she was pushing, so much so he wouldn't stand with her against Trump. Think about the fraud the Romney group obviously tried to perpetrate but got out maneuvered in the election against Obama. Think about who Romney was (a chop shop clown- joking about how corporations are people and have rights- essentially saying the wealth have rights the rest of us don't) and how his rhetoric was almost identical to Hillary's on Iran and she seemed to be almost as blind to corporate greed and taking sponsor money - both political prostitutes bizarrely fixated on Iran. And think about why they hate Iran. Iran had its democratically elected government overthrown by the US and a puppet government put in, in response the Iranian people and follow on regimes said they would trade Euros instead of Dollars for petrol- breaking the petrol pusher scam for the US.

    We are in the middle of deposing petrol corruption. We have all sorts of problems. Like stupid articles that try to suggest that petrol cars instead of being 7x more expensive on fuel are cheaper than EVs and also attempt to make sure that charging outside the home doesn't pass savings on to consumers to slow it down- see stupid plans by Porsche and Quebec on this. Think of how delusory the IEA claims that they will still be able to make people buy totally absolutely uncompetitive petrol fuel energy for decades to come is. That they will literally be able to force this on the developing world- they won't with gun boat diplomacy like this won't be noticed and fought by the entire world. Notice who they think they can just call climate change a hoax after Manhattan was underwater with flooded subways for a month and after Katrina and after plausibly through HARP a storm dumped for three days more water into the center of Huston (TES central) than if Niagra falls had opened up right there in the center of the city.

    Under the current situation how much of current fed and state monies at the county level are going where they are supposed to go? How many municipalities are starved of funds and becoming insolvent down to not being able to pay employees despite the fed being able to print money? Look at the US starting to struggle with North Korea- it doesn't have the power anymore. How much longer with defensive tariffs up relative to China's strong dropped tariffs offensive stance will the US retain its reserve currency status? US likely already takes a 14% hit to its economy where green economies get at least a 14% relative gain now add another 3% loss- puts us at almost a 40% disadvantage on trade.

    You can see why the TES as the new plantation attempt would have been so scared of a black president by the name of Barrack Obama (Iraq
    Ossama) would have been so terrified as the symbols portended the end of spiritual successor to slavery in petrol and the formal end of capitalism that had been defunct for 50 years. Remember it was a century after slavery was formally ended in the US before it actually ended, but capitalism was just form of slavery even when it was around so its kind like the end of the end or after shocks relative to the real thing.

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