Trump Tariffs are another petrol bailout & the myth of Green subsidies

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Trump Tariffs are another petrol bailout & the myth of Green subsidies

    Iran Coup 1953
    Vietnam 1955
    Embargo 1973
    Chrysler Bailout 1979
    Iran Hostage Carter Coup 1980
    Iran Contra 1985
    Iraq I 1991
    Bosnian war 1995
    Kosovo war 1998
    W. Theft of election 2000
    Enron 2000
    911 2001
    Afganistan 2001
    Iraq II 2003
    Tarp Financial collapse 2007
    from petrol derivatives (insurance calls on bad petrol debt)
    GM Bailout 2008
    FCA Bailout 2009
    Libya 2011
    Aliso Viejo Gas Leak 2016
    insanely allowed them to raise prices because natural gas can't compete- never will
    Trump Election theft 2016
    Trump Tariffs (because petrol can't compete against green on cost of goods)

    About every 3 years since 1950 there has been a petrol bailout of some sort. Add up the cost. This is in addition to the subsidizing an industry to 150% of revenues globally in direct state subsides year after year after year. And this still doesn't stop petrol from incurring ever increasing massive bad debts and doesn't cover the additional 6-7 trillion a year in indirect externality costs which are also defacto subsides.

    Petrol as a technology and energy source has a very low theoretical limit and an even lower practical limit on its economic efficiency and that limit will never get higher. Its radically sub threshold for a sustainable economy. Green energy has an an economic efficiency 7x greater and its is above threshold, it won't be hollowing out your economy. The comparatively absolutely tiny amount of subsidy that went into developing green technology itself over the years (the Right tries to call this research subsidies) has set up green energy where it's permanent superiority is instant right from the start installation. Its practically the fabled over unity tech now but it will get to a over unity price point on a Moore's law curve quite soon- it will be almost free or the fabled too cheap to meter.

    The next bailout after the tariffs are bail-ins on personal bank accounts and pensions. Petrol is hollowing out and destroying the US economy, US dollar, US mindshare and US power. Trying to compete against efficient green with petrol would be like an agrarian society trying to compete with a fully industrialized society. It's like rejecting the automobile for the buggy. Petrol's proper place in history was over by 1950.

    So bottom line is you don't have to subsidize green anymore- its already way way below parity and will only drop until its free. But petrol will never get below 13 cents for any duration and will always need ever increasing hollowing out subsidies.
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