Trump Admin Giving German Car Makers and Lexus Assurances protection for ICE?

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 12, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    When you read the the claims of the BMW Tech head Frolich, you have to ask if this guy is more then just incredibly dishonest but also how he could be so foolish. The VW guy is taking the same kind of belligerent line of harming the wage slavers ('job creators') is going to harm wage slaves or the average Germans in the typical vein of petrol hostage taking- this is the same kind of stuff they do when they try hold pension funds hostage with their toxic assets and then claim things are under funded to cushion regular unending petrol losses. The VW guy Diess doesn't talk about cutting petrol subsidies actually helping Germany. Lexus too has bald face lies claiming equivalent performance, efficiency and convenience to what is clearly a Tesla when none of that is true by even half.

    But the BMW guy in particular is beyond ridiculous:

    1. BMW will only have 15% EVs by 2030.
    2. BMW is doubling down on cobalt supplies when cobalt isn't needed (trying to play into
    myth that cobalt will be a crippling EV bottleneck._
    3. The electric grid couldn't handle it.
    4. Its impossible for electric cars to ever be cheaper that ICE (when they will be much
    cheaper- this is a brand of the delusion that tries to assert so called 'natural' gas has
    ever been cost competitive and that it should be allowed to pass on its stranded asset
    losses to the public socializing its endless failure forever.

    The BMW guy presumes the readership is incredibly stupid but notice how weak the 15% by 2030 projection is. Notice also that VW claimed recently that by 2025 in the US it would only be 15% EVs and that is in the globes most competitive auto market. These two are massively back sliding despite their BS saying they will be competitive with Tesla. When you look at the VW (Audi) e-tron it won't be offered in its dealers in the US... Who is giving them the ok for this BS? Notice Mercedes that recently got surpassed in the US by Tesla in sales this most recent quarter just replaced it head Zeitch right after it announced an expensive EV with only 200 miles of range and then had to apparently lie and claim it wasn't 200 miles but still had to replace it head apparently due to getting caught in the bald faced lie.

    My take is the Trump admin is telling these cronies (same way Trump would think his daughter is some how qualified by horrid nepotism (vice disqualified) to having anything to do with the UN on behalf of the US as if it were some sort of Monarchy- pure corruption in the line of the first family bs...) that the Trump admin must be telling these fossil fuel cronies that it will sabotage Tesla, take it out bury it and the problem will go away hence the stupid action of the behalf of corrupt short sellers to try to silence Musk which doesn't pay bribes to bribery based media to vet announcements- whole thing has been about Musk being silenced on Tesla and compromised in decision making and becoming beholden to a sell out.

    You have to think about the insane idiocy the Trump admins rolling back of methane caps on natural gas or even allowing more fracking or natural gas instead of banning it and dismantling existing stranded asset natural gas plants. Same with trying to force the grid to buy coal. Have to wonder if this right to exploit and poison for profit type of BS will lead to uprising on the part of the population. Jerry Brown seemed to capture this when he said new EPA rules were a declaration of war by the Trump admin against the US population and rest of humanity. Seems awful in that with Hillary we were facing war in Iran (peddling the same BS as Romney while saying conversations with Goldman were protected)- risking nuclear war to make fossil fuel seem relevant and with Trump its more petrol bailouts (beyond all the prior petrol bailout wars and 07 crash petrol bailout austerity) with tariffs on solar (natural gas can't compete with battery backed solar anywhere on the planet) and then tariffs in general (more petrol bailouts) on imported goods from increasingly green economies to protect a US petrol economy that cannot competed because of the increased cost of goods under the non competitive petrol tyranny. An admin is going to come that is going to force these petrol losers (what Romney called Tesla- a loser) to absorb the losses they've created including the externalities.
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