True electrics vs the 'electrification' scam

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jan 16, 2018.

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    Sergio Marchionne went from saying Ferrari would never do an electric car to saying it will now do the first real electric super car. But what he means by this is 'electrification' is a hybrid which is apparently part of a whole agenda likely to include attempts to dumb down regulation to suggest there is some sort of parity or even superiority for hybrids against pure electrics when this is ludicrous. Marchionne wants to pass off a hybrid Ferrari as a an electric Ferrari, a flim flam scam. (opps another article makes it appear that I am wrong in part at least- Marchionne does appear to want an actual electric Ferrari, but will see if it is the top Ferrari or something hobbled- ) Toyota and Ford also are trying to push this scam, and doubtless Mercedes and BMW- which short of the Chinese makes and maybe Hyundai that just leaves Tesla and the only genuine future oriented firms- legacy makers will go under.

    Its like when you just want internet but the the ISP insists on cable and land line to get access to it. Its a night mare bundle that reduces almost every aspect of performance and price performance. But their up against the equivalent of add free, free, encrypted mesh networking end user owned. This is very much like the natural gas bridge fuel scam. Its not cleaner or safer or really less carbon, its just as utterly welfare dependent, actually more so, and an even greater dead end foot dragger and attempt at issue dilution. This is the same kind of stupid string the public along strategy and it will be tied to stuff like what happened in Nevada or with grid tie in fees (which are unnecessary) intended to make cutting the cord uneconomical. But take a look at the scam of high tie in fees. When you go solar you take load off the grid. There was no need to have profit involved in the first place with the grid- you can see in the rural electrics which are majority cooperatives non profits and those cooperatives can go green and nothing said petrol was entitled to a recoup of the profit. What people don't see is that due to its low economic efficiency petrol will always be a welfare case, there is no time span when sunk costs are recouped for the losers that invested in petrol its endless losses. Take the US during the W. Admin 7 trillion wasted on scams and war based petrol bailouts, 20 trillion wasted on petrol induced collapse, and another 10 trillion for the US's share of indirect petrol externality, that is almost 40 trillion dollars wasted in 7-8 years on this dead end tech and its welfare constituent. How many of these objectivist libertarian Ayn Rand reading Koch worshippers understand their idles are welfare queens?

    Just noticed that GM is saying it will have autonomy Bolts presumably under Lyft next year on the streets sans steering wheel and brakes that they will be part of a public ride service. If it does this at a reasonable price (but notice Barra's quoted per mile price 10 years from now is higher than Musk's right now price) with an actual electric in mass without trying to hobble the service then I will be wrong on GM substantively. But the thing is they showed a demo of this in supposedly in San Franciso but we get no hint from the Inverse piece that its anything but a human driver driving the streets of San Francisco- pure vapor ware as in appear to convincingly fail at electrics and say it was a bad idea or is un-viable their status quo, basically paid liars. They always go on about Musk is a good car salesman, he's nothing of the sort, its just smart people want petrol gone, GM is the snake oil sales gig. They try to project and say Musk is dishonest but he is the only one in the petrol shill automotive industry outside of China that has been telling the truth consistently. Nissan and Toyota get credit for solid behind the scenes actions but its like they are also under a gag order.
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