Trip computer issues

Discussion in 'Honda' started by Sandy Cracker, Jan 6, 2019.

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  1. Sandy Cracker

    Sandy Cracker New Member

    924FE068-9875-453A-A38E-8E748228CC95.jpeg A97C2332-1C0D-4C4E-824D-3EB1B89AE7AE.jpeg curious if anyone else is having an issue with the trip computer updating 1st prev drive mileage after 4-5 drives. As seen in photos above. 1st drive reads 1055 miles (selected to reset after filling gas tank). After 4-5 drives the mileage drops in 1st previous drive to 655.2. No other changes to other information for previous drives. I’ve contacted Honda, no help. The dealer reboot/reset system to factory settings, did not correct the issue. Wondering if this is a pervasive software issue or bug in my vehicle...which could indicate other future issues. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

    2018 Honda Clarity base model.
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  3. LegoZ

    LegoZ Active Member

    I’ll have to watch mine more closely, I had just trusted it was working.
  4. DC1

    DC1 Member

    I saw this exact same phenomenon on my trip computer. I know, because I decided to measure how many miles I drove in a month (for my lease).. It was 1141 miles last week, and last night, I noticed that it is now 741 miles for that same trip. Strangeness.
  5. glockgirl

    glockgirl Member

    Same here.
    Mine said 1399 but after a few days, it dropped to 845 or something. Not sure why. When I go back to stealer-ship in few month for oil change, I'll ask. Not holding out for answer.
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