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Discussion in 'General' started by bwilson4web, Aug 20, 2018.

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    Owner of a plug-in hybrid, Prius Prime, I was curious about:

    According to Reuters, Toyota is going to expand its production facilities in Tianjin and Guangzhou to handle plug-in electric car production.

    Currently, the Japanese manufacturer can produce roughly 1.16 million cars annually in China, soon it will increase by more than 20% or 240,000:

    • In Tianjin, spending about $257 million, production capacity will increase by 120,000 (or 24%)
    • In Guangzhou, production capacity also is expected to increase by 120,000 according to unofficial sources

    So what is this Chinese model of a Toyota plug-in?


    . . .
    The name Toyota Levin is one that rings a bell to enthusiasts. Images of a sporty coupe come to mind or, at the very least, a more distinct-looking Toyota Corolla. The Levin name was killed off in Japan by the turn of the millennium but it lives on in China.

    Yes, you can still get a Toyota Levin if you are based in China and, in some ways, it sticks to the original idea of the classic models as a re-styled version of the Corolla. In fact, the Levin has actually been living a new life in China since 2013. However, there is one big difference from the Levins from the past; the new ones are now available as a plug-in hybrid model.
    . . .

    I wonder if this has the belted, CVT, transmission?

    Bob Wilson
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