Toyota EVs coming to US

Discussion in 'Toyota' started by SeanH, Feb 11, 2021.

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  1. SeanH

    SeanH Active Member

    Some news in the last couple days that Toyota is bringing two EVs to the US (and in the same breath bashing EVs and promoting PHEVs :rolleyes:)

    Official Press Release
    Inside EVs Article
    Car and Driver Article

    As is usual with EVs, there is a bunch of confusion about when they will actually be available.
    The official press release says that Toyota will "debut" them "this year". Car and Driver assumes that means they will only be available next year.

    As noted in several articles, at least one of these two vehicles will probably be the Toyota version of the Toyota/Subaru EV "SUV" (of which there are very few details even though it was announced way back in the summer of 2019).

    The lack of even spy shots of this vehicle doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy that we will see it any time soon, but my fingers are crossed. After all the issues with my Hyundai Kona EV, I'd love to get an EV from a company I thought was on top of quality control (though I may just be spoiled after my 2008 Prius went 10 years and 100,000 miles with only consumables needing to be replaced).
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  3. RoadDorem

    RoadDorem New Member

    Great news, the only frustrating thing is that they will not appear on the market until next year.
  4. SeanH

    SeanH Active Member

    Yeah, I'm sort of sick of "debuts" without a buy-it-now date.
  5. salant76

    salant76 Member

  6. dGarry48

    dGarry48 Member

    Can't wait to see and drive 'em new Yotas.
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