Toyota can't build enough hybrids

Discussion in 'Toyota' started by R P, Oct 26, 2023.

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  2. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    Their EV is overpriced for what you get. So no surprise it doesn't sell.

    Their PHEVs are no bargain. Plus they have been hard to find up to now.

    As far as the plug-less hybrids, I want to see their sales vs previous sales numbers. However, due to the issues with their PHEVs and EVs, it would not be surprising to see plug-less hybrids selling more.

    Price is big hurdle.
  3. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But that is very contrary to what I have seen with Toyota's success and my own experience with my Solterra. It is actually a very good car for what it was designed for and exceeded my expectations. And sales have been good. They look to surpass their first year sales projection of 6500 units in the US. It is not a good trip car, but it sure excels off-road. It is even better than other Subaru ICE SUVs which are well regarded for their off-road capabilities.

    I should qualify those remarks to explain that the Solterra is not exactly the same as the Toyota BZ4X. The top trim Subaru version has features and capabilities above those of Toyota's and can only be had in the Lexus version. Where I live, the Solterra far outsells the BZ4X.

    There is a reason why Toyota is the largest and most successful car manufacturer. Hyundai is currently #3 and I think will be Toyota's most formidable challenger in the future. Hyundai is ahead with BEVs, but Toyota is still the champ when it comes to quality and reliability. And I am happy that Toyota has taken a major ownership stake in Subaru. I believe they will continue to collaborate on future designs esp in the EV area. I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see Subaru be fully owned by Toyota. But they would keep the highly regarded Subaru brand intact. I see all that as a good thing.
  4. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    Well you better keep the car until the wheels fall off. I suspect the resale value is going to be crap.
  5. Well, I have no reason to want to sell my Solterra anytime soon. Like I said, it is a great car actually, does everything I want it to do and more. I got it to go off-road to our cabin and it does that very, very well. I don't use it for long trips. Have the Ioniq 6 for that. But we need two cars in our household, and they are very complementary.
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