Towing With Rivan

Discussion in 'Rivian' started by martin439, Aug 27, 2019.

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  1. martin439

    martin439 New Member Subscriber

    Can we use that for Car towing? Anybody know the towing capacity of Rivan? and does it have a towing hitch on the back of the truck?
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  3. EyeOnEVs

    EyeOnEVs New Member

    Rivian's spec sheet indicates the "Trailer Weight Rating" for the R1T (pickup) is 11,023 lbs, and for the R1S (SUV) 7,716 lbs.

    I have not read or heard that either EAV will be equipped with a towing hitch. I suspect Rivian may offer it as an option, but again, Rivian has not indicated this.

    Keep in mind using either of these EAVs for towing will significantly reduce the range of the battery.
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  4. martin439

    martin439 New Member Subscriber

    Thanks EyeOnEVs i will use for car towing service just for testing and will check how much it reduces the performance. will share some result soon.
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  5. EyeOnEVs

    EyeOnEVs New Member

    Sure, no problem. FWIW, I believe I read somewhere, in a forum or comments to an article, where they attempt to compare a Rivian EAV to Tesla pickup and in particular the topic of off-roading. Until Tesla reveals their pickup and its targeted audience, I find these types of comparisons folly, but I digress. What came out during the conversation was the Tesla X was not meant to go off-road, so much so that Tesla had indicated in their warranty that if you did take it off-road and something failed, it would not be covered by their warranty.

    Now whether that's true or not, it certainly makes one wonder if Rivian would have something like that in their warranty but for towing. Since Rivian has not published their EAV warranty yet we don't know what it will include/exclude as far as coverage, but once it is published I would highly recommend reading it over closely before you use your Rivian as a tow vehicle, otherwise, tow at your own risk and hope you don't break something that ends up in a costly and out-of-pocket repair.
  6. DucRider

    DucRider Well-Known Member

    You do realize that post was spam with an embedded link to a tow company?

    Obviously no way they can "share results soon" of them using one for towing cars.
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  8. EyeOnEVs

    EyeOnEVs New Member

    I'll admit the "share results soon" sounded odd since Rivian's are clearly not on the road yet. I just chalked it up to bad English / communication or him/her new to Rivian and didn't realize it's not yet available. I usually have a pretty good sniffer to spam, and there was an odor in the air :) , but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. If it was spam, so be it. Though I will say that member now has a Subscriber badge next to their forum name which I have not seen before until now. A paying subscriber to dish out spam? ... Moving on ...
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  9. Apologies, I should have taken that link out when I de-linked the one in the post. Rookie mistake.
  10. Thanks for pointing out the subscriber tag. I'll check to see if money was actually sent. It is, indeed, the oddest spam account I think I've seen. I actually did a bit of research before allowing their first post through because it tingled my spidey senses, but thought I'd err on the side of caution-to-the-wind. Oops.

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