Towing success and fails

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    To save space, I've made screen shots that can lead to the original YouTube videos:




    Of the towing testers, "The Fast Lane Car" was the one that has some history. They'd gotten a Model 3 Performance and had started their evaluation with the kid backed the driver-side, rear quarter panel that required repair. It was a repair that took a long time with the insurance company and repair shop and Tesla all adding to the repair delay. So they traded in the Model 3 for a Model X.

    I had followed their earlier efforts including off road in a Model X. Only their camper trailer looked like over kill to me. Regardless, it is hard to complain about the car when instead of driving within the physics, they pushed the envelope and they found their start-to-stop time did not match their customer expectations.

    Why do I care?

    I've been thinking about one of those pop-up, camper trailers. Only I'd need not only a receiver but also a wiring kit. There may be one but I'd rather hold off for now. Camping in the car makes more sense.

    Bob Wilson

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