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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jaymac, Apr 1, 2018.

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  1. jaymac

    jaymac New Member

    Is anyone considering installing a trailer hitch on their Clarity ? ( I know what the owner's manual says about it ).
    I have pulled a sports rig trailer with our gen3 Prius for years with no issues and I simply can't imagine what harm could come to the Clarity with similar use.
    We are a one car household so, even though I like the Clarity a lot after having test driven a touring edition, there can be no sale without the prospect of pulling a light trailer on occasion.
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  3. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Jaymac, no one has posted yet about finding a bolt on hitch for the Clarity.
    I suspect that since Honda states no towing, the hitch mfgs will have little incentive to bring one to market any time soon.
    I know PrestoOne is looking for one. You might start a conversation with him to see if he has found one. Your local hitch shop might be able to custom make one for you but I bet they would have to see the Clarity in person and it will probably be pricey.
    Good luck, and let us know if you find one.
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  4. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    As per Honda Canada phone conversation there are mount points for a hitch but it is not rated for towing.
    There will be a third party hitch for this car just like there has been for every other car that has no N.A. tow rating including the Toyota Prius Prime. Tow hitches are also used for bike hitches and other carriers.

    Every time I have looked at Honda sedans since 2008 there has been no or a very low tow rating. The explanation given to me was the car frame.
    Someone here mentioned the roof may not take a carrier either because of an aluminum roof.

    The Toyota Prius Prime is the same here as it is in Europe. I can't recall where but a dealer confirmed its rated to tow 1200lbs (may have been more) in Europe but not here.
    The reason it can tow now is mostly due to the cooling or transmission I think.
    Anyways, if you want a sedan that can tow a boat or trailer look to Toyota.
    If you are just pulling a few canoes / 400lbs then you are probably OK with the Honda. 500lbs is the weight of two big people in the back seat.
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  5. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    I expect Curt and/or DrawTite will have one available soon. We also need a light harness connector. Most times these companies just need to get ahold of one of the cars to measure everything out and document the install. Uhaul even offers a free hitch to the first owner that brings a vehicle in for fitting. I think they were in AZ, there was a thread with the info here somewhere.
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  6. prestoOne

    prestoOne Member

    Yep AZ and leave the car there for a couple of days. For giving them a car to work with I would be expecting a free hitch in return.
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  8. pvajko

    pvajko New Member

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  9. AlanSqB

    AlanSqB Active Member

    That’s interesting. I may be moving to the Tacoma area soon so I’ll have to keep that in mind if they still haven’t gotten one by then.

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