Total electric miles going down

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by ES-N-D-OC, Jul 24, 2018.

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  1. ES-N-D-OC

    ES-N-D-OC New Member

    Hello all

    New owner. Just got my Clarity Plug on July 4th. I've had a couple of issues.
    1- Last weekend car was giving different beeping noise closing doors
    2-Noticed that system issue (3 warning signs) and brakes smelled really bad after turning off. Got home and looked up and reset the alarm and that cleared codes and good now.
    3-I've noticed the EV limit has been going down on full charge. Originally it was 47, the other day at full charge it was at 45 and today I'm at 100% charge and says 44 miles??

    What's up with that? Is my battery already screwed up? Does the weather have anything to do with this? I'm in S California and recently been hot so don't know if that has anything to do with it.
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  3. ClarityDoc

    ClarityDoc Active Member

    1. This often happens when key fob is in the car or near the rear of the car - could that be the case?

    3. Max EV range is just a guess based on recent use. Much more likely related to driving pattern/conditions, use of accessories (like A/C), etc that to short-term changes in battery integrity.
  4. ES-N-D-OC

    ES-N-D-OC New Member

    No key is in my pocket at work far away from car.

    Also I’m talking about when car is done fully charging. Says 100% charged by my range shows 44 now. When I first got car it was at 47 for all ev. Now last few days dropping.
  5. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Active Member

    Re 3: Yes, you are both describing the same thing. And this is normal, doesn’t mean anything bad with the battery. The “EV range” is not just a battery-charge indicator. The car takes into account the recent average power demand per mile in order to calculate the EV range. For example, even if battery state is the same, a driver who always drives at steady 55 on the freeway will (after a few cycles) have a longer EV range showing at full charge than another driver who has lots of hills, does high speed stop and go braking, drives at 90, and always runs the heat and heated seats.

    [edit: And in your case, no aspersions being cast on your driving style. It just means that your real-world driving differs different from whatever default assumptions are programmed from the factory].

    You’ll stop seeing changes soon. The steady use of a/c may be costing you a bit of range vs the defaults from the factory.

    [See an earlier thread where a user drive uphill using the engine, then drove down using EV. Not only had a great EV range on that run, but the next time he/she charged the EV range was ridiculously high, since the car remembered the recent efficient run.]
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2018
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  6. ES-N-D-OC

    ES-N-D-OC New Member

    So your saying that it doesn’t just reset to the 47 ev miles every time? That’s kind of odd. If it’s 100% charged it should just go back to the 47 mike range. Now when u start driving i could understand it changing based on ur driving and it decreasing or increasing. But if car is on charger and 100% I figured it would just be back at the 47 range.
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  8. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    The computer is trying to predict the range for your next trip based on the previous Kw/mile consumption.

    If I make lots of 25-35 MPH trips, the range displays over 70 miles after charging.
    After highway EV trip with AC on, next charge shows 45 miles.
    Battery isn't capacity isn't changing either way, but my driving does.
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  9. ES-N-D-OC

    ES-N-D-OC New Member

    Ok I get it now. I thought it would reset to same amount when it’s at 100%. Didn’t know that u could go even further with the different driving types. Thought max was 47 and that was it
  10. jorgie393

    jorgie393 Active Member

    Yes, it's just remembering more than you expect. The "47" was an early guess re. how far you could drive on a full battery. As the car learned how much energy it actually took to drive each mile in your area, with A/C, your driving style, etc. the guess got better and now has settled in at 44 miles. The point is for "EV range" to be a real estimate of how far you can go, so it will change (slowly) based on the energy demands of the last XX miles of driving, even if the battery is completely unchanged.
  11. 47 miles is a rough estimate based on very general assumptions.
    EV range varies depending on temperature, elevation, road conditions, type of trips (all 1 mile trips, or all 50 miles trips), and so on.

    In hot weather, the Clarity needs to run fans to keep the batteries cool.
    In cold weather, battery capacity goes down as the temperature goes down.
    So, don't plan on a 47 miles range if you drive to the Arctic Circle in the middle of winter. :)

    In Florida, the highest natural ground elevation is very low.
    In New England, Denver, SF, etc, we drive hills all day long.

    The Clarity is trying to make the best estimate based on your recent trips and the local weather conditions.
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  13. Atkinson

    Atkinson Active Member

    Best range will show up in Spring and Fall when temperatures are moderate, just don't feel bad when winter hits and range tanks.
    It comes right back with warm temps.
    Battery cell chemistry likes the same climate people do - 60 to 80 degrees F.
  14. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    If you’re gentle with braking staying in regen range and gentle accelerating in Econ mode then your EV range will max out.
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  15. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    In our case summer heat is bringing the EV range estimate down. Lately we've had about two weeks of over 100F days, most around 105F. The EV Range estimate was more like 52 miles back in June, but with the hot weather the estimate is more like 45 miles. I'm sure it is a combination of the car A/C working hard, and the lithium battery not performing at peak in this weather.

    Our roof solar system is also taxed by the heat and is producing more like 46-47kWh/day vs 51-52kWh when it is a bit cooler.
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  16. JCEV

    JCEV Active Member

    I say drive the car like you stole it. It's all city driving for me and I love jackrabbit starts. My km range began at 75km(47), then 78, 80 and now sits at 83(52) on a full tank. I'm using the Regen paddles and coasting to red lights as much as possible so even with my spirited driving im getting great EV range.
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  17. Chooch

    Chooch Member

    My EV range after a full charge will register in the 58-61 mile range if my most recent drives have been light driving around town with little load like no AC in the daytime with no headlights, and in warm weather. In the winter it would show EV range around 43 after the recent trips were driven on the highway, with lights on, heated seats, heater, windshield wipers, defrost and more like the rated 47 if more recent trips were around town in winter with heater, lights etc on... It predicts the range based on recent driving and weather conditions. It is just a prediction as even though my last trips may have been easy driving with little load and it may show 60 EV range upon a full charge, I will not get the full 60 miles out of that charge if my new route takes me on the highway and I put lights, AC, wipers, etc on. In that case I will see the actual odometer miles increase at a rate slower than the EV range shown on display decreases as in 10 miles of actual driving will show a reduction in EV miles of say 11 miles. On the other hand if my more recent drives are with higher load and worse weather conditions and I now drive with less load and nicer weather, then I will end up getting higher EV range than it showed upon full charge.
  18. ES-N-D-OC

    ES-N-D-OC New Member

    Ok tried to drive like a granny and see if the range goes up. drove without a/c. didn't plug in the phone. left display on the blank screen, used the paddle to down shift. My results? Charged back up and back up to 46 miles :). So guess all those things do make a big difference. I think my biggest disadvantage here is that we have a lot of hills.
  19. Carro con enchufe

    Carro con enchufe Active Member

    Don’t worry, I live in the hills and get anywhere from 54-59 miles range in Sport mode, full regen, and AC when it’s hot

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