Tom Moloughney interview with Ford about their transition to NACS

Discussion in 'Ford' started by andyG59, Aug 10, 2023.

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  1. Glad to see Ford grant this interview and also thanks to Tom for asking all the questions that I have.

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  3. aamyotte

    aamyotte Active Member

    It was great that Tom managed to get someone from Ford to interview.

    I think that the Ford rep. would make a good politician. Most of his answers didn't directly answer Tom's question.
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  4. Most definitely. It was clear to me that there were talking points to be conveyed, and there were guardrails for what could and could not be said on Ford's behalf at this time. Which is understandable for the questions about charging ports on the 2025 and later models.

    For existing CCS equipped Fords like my Mach E, I did learn that adapter availability to use a Supercharger will be around the same time as when accounts are authorized, and that I will need to order and pay for the adapter through Ford. Also when Tom asked about charging his F-150 Lightning, the answer was that they are aware of the issue with the V3 Supercharger cable length relative to charge port location, and are exploring options. It will be interesting to see what Ford CCS vehicle owners options will be.

    Hopefully the lines of communication continue to be open and that InsideEV's and/or State of Charge is able to get us more information and clarifications as they become available.
  5. aamyotte

    aamyotte Active Member

    It's good that Tesla is making the adapter. One thing that would help is if the adapter is a little longer to clear the door flap and with a 90 degree bend facing forward so the cable is not stressed as much when plugged in. That would make the adapter a little clunky but more functional.
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  6. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

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  8. Thanks for sharing. That looks similar to but not exactly like the Magic Dock adapter I used last fall in Brewster NY. Note there is no metal tab on the J3400 side at the bottom and it appears to be slightly narrower.

    It will be interesting to watch this process unfold.

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