Today is my Kona's 1 year anniversary..

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    Exactly 1 year ago, I purchased my Kona EV in Maryland and drove it home to Central Florida.
    I drove exactly 30612 miles in my first year, about 5k miles less than I expected due to COVID19. Other than 2 Cabin Air filter changes which I did myself (cost a total of $47 for both.. Got the original Hyundai filter for the first filter change and the generic $7 filter for the 2nd change). So, total for maintenance in the first year $47. As for electric consumption, my theoretical consumption was $14/month ,$169/year. I pay 4.7 cents/kwh and I usually charge about 300 kwh every month at home and most of the other charges are FREE charges at public chargers. I'm lucky that my area has plenty of free Level 2 and as also Free 50kw chargers. However, I did change electrical plans and my ANNUAL electrical cost was actually pretty much the same for the last 12 months than it was for the previous 12 months. So, comparing the 2 years, the charging for the Kona at home was basically free. I did use pay chargers (DF fast) a few times, totaling less than $100 for all pay charges..
    So, my total ownership cost for the first year
    $47+$169+$100 = $316 for the year, to 1.3 CENTS per mile.
    I do have an upcoming expense.. I'm changing my tires tomorrow (I wanted to change them a week ago but they didn't have the tires in stock, so they had to transfer them from another store) which will cost me $496 for all 4 installed.
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  2. Don't forget to factor in insurance. It is by far my largest car ownership ongoing expense.
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    I pay about $700 per year which is about the same as what I paid for my F150 Crew Cab. My insurance rates are low because of the ZIP code/area that I live in.. My insurance rates dropped significantly when I moved from a more dense populated are to where I live now.. I pay about $1000 for 6 months for 3 cars. My wife's BMW i3 costs more to insure than the Kona. The i3 costs $500 per 6 months, the Kona $350 per 6 months and we still have my wife's old Van insured (as we use it if we need to haul stuff and pull our trailer) which costs $150 for liability only.
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    I'm also lucky that I only have very few stone chips.. Car still looks like new... Picture from a couple of days ago.. 20200625_234808.jpg
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  5. Just curious what your deductible is on your Kona's policy? I had a look at my insurance and initially thought it sucked but realized that I tax deduct my insurance because of my business. So my comprehensive policy with $200 deductible and a million in 3rd party liability coverage ends up costing me around $650 a year after my tax deduction. I also just came to appreciate a side perk of my lower deductible option is that any damage caused by vandalism my insurer waives the deductible altogether. Alas I just had to make a $1500 vandalism claim on our Kona , and I am currently driving a Civic loaner while it gets fixed:( At least its not costing me anything out of pocket other than the gas for the Civic.
  6. I really like that two-tone paint. Wished they had that on the Ultimate version as well.
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    Deductible is $1000 for both, comprehensive coverage and collision. I'm at state minimum for liability.

    Liability Limits Bodily Injury: $10,000/$20,000 Property Damage: $10,000
    2019 Hyundai KONA ELECTRIC SEL 06/28/2019 - 09/05/2020 • Comprehensive $1,000 as of: 07/05/2019 • Collision $1,000 as of: 07/05/2019
    2017 BMW I3 ELECTRIC 05/18/2020 - 09/05/2020 • Comprehensive $1,000 as of: 05/18/2020 • Collision $1,000 as of: 05/18/2020

    EDIT.. I just checked and my policy went up.. It's $400 now for the Kona.. Total went up from just over $1000 for all 3 cars to $1097..

    2008 Dodge GRAND CARAVAN SE
    Vehicle Coverage
    Liability Coverage
    2019 Hyundai KONA ELECTRIC SEL
    Vehicle Coverage
    Liability Coverage
    2017 BMW I3 ELECTRIC
    Vehicle Coverage
    Liability Coverage

    6-month total cost
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  8. My insurance in NZ would normally be around $1100 a year with a $1000 deductible but I decided this year to change that to $550/yr with $2500 deductible due to my low usage of the Kona. In NZ, 3rd party medical liability is covered by the healthcare system and effectively paid for out of the $115 yearly road licensing fee. Adding electricity at 20 cents a kWh those are my only costs until 2022 when the government starts charging EVs 7 cents per km to cover roading expenses.

    I like the 2-tone paint as well and that attractive colour combo is not found here. We do have the black roof on white which looks great but isn't ideal with our high solar UV.
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    I only considered 2 color combinations.. Galactic Grey and Ceramic Blue. Both come with white roof.. In the Florida heat, a dark color on the roof is not a good idea..
  10. Yes another vote for the white on blue, very nice.
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    EXCELLENT! Hope you have many more safe trouble free miles!
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  12. Guess that is why they make a number of color choices. I wanted to purchase an SEL but moved up to the Limited because I do not like two tone cars. All SELs have a different color roof than the body All Limited and Ultimates are all one color (at least in the US).
  13. Here's a two-tone version we apparently have ...
  14. Galactic Grey is the color I have, but with a Grey roof also. Simply hate the white roof.
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    That's Galactic Gray.. Love that color..
  16. That's outstanding, thanks for the report. BTW I'm jealous, kWh charge in CT is 11 cents; oh, but they tack on a 12 cent delivery fee, to total 23 cents per kWh. Even at that, my per mile cost is a little over 5 cents, compared to the 30 mpg gas car at 9 cents per mile not including oil changes, etc.
  17. We have the grey with the white roof. We weren't enamored with it at first, but it kind of grew on us, especially as we realized how easy it is to find in a parking lot.
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    Right now, I'm working from home and drive much less than usual. I use free chargers most of the time and only charge the Kona about 3 - 4 times per month at home.. Right now, I'm having lunch at our local version of Whole Foods Market while my car is getting 1 hour of free electricity.. Yesterday, I collected rent from one of my tenants 35 miles from my house and I charged at a free 50kw DC charger on the way home..

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