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    Have you seen the worlds first three-wheel electric car? If not don’t worry just have a look at the Nobe 100 three wheels E-Car. This electric car is currently limited to a few users. However, it will be available in 2020. You can also be an investor in this company.
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    World's first 3 wheeled electric car? Hardly ... Aptera, Sparrow, Solo, and Arcimoto SRK and many others, come to mind.
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    The first? Uh... no, not by a very long way!

    Admittedly most on the list below never became production cars, but here's a list of 3-wheel EVs from Wikipedia:

    Three-wheeled battery powered designs include:

    I think the reference to the "Commuter Cars Tango" is a mistake; that's a 4-wheeled microcar. There is the RTM Tango, which is a 3-wheeler, but that is apparently gas-powered.
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    It seems like a very unwise investment, given that the majority of companies trying to sell 3-wheel EVs failed before entering production. Good luck to Nobe... they'll need it!

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    Thanks for the info

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