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Discussion in 'General' started by rosssr, Nov 19, 2017.

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  1. rosssr

    rosssr Member

    there is no sub forum to discuss all things Fisker Karma, and no sub forum for the evolution of that car as the Karma Revero.

    regardless of the performance or durability statistics of this car, and whatever you might think of the financing of the venture, or the people involved.....

    this shape is one of the peaks of car design overall, and EV's in particular.

    imo, there is no better looking production 4 door than the Karma, and by far the best looking EV 4 door.

    i would love it regardless of its mode of propulsion.

    Please add a sub forum for the Karma.
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  3. jim

    jim Active Member

    you can add one anytime by posting news and updates on Karma. That is how all the other sub forums got there. Start writing and link to real news about Karma.
  4. Just jumping in to update this: We've started a thread for the Fisker Karma/Karma Revero in the other EVs section.
  5. jim

    jim Active Member

    Hi Domenick, Can you set separate titles for each car like there is under Tesla?
    For example the BMW only has i3 and not i8 as a sub category.
    Same with FORD , Chrysler and others. Then we can jump right to the category and even see the different models being dicussed instead of have them all mixed together.
  6. We can to some extent. Taking your BMW example, though, there likely won't be a huge number of posts about the i8, but there will quite possibly be a lot about a future BMW plug-in, so I'm trying to reserve the space for more popular models coming. If a model gets a lot of threads started about it, I can create a sub-category for it under its manufacturers name and move the threads in there.
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