The Truth about Tesla's Finances

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by Pushmi-Pullyu, Jul 26, 2018.

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    WOW! Here's one for us Tesla fans to bookmark -- exposing and debunking all of the more common false arguments about Tesla's finances, and its future, which anti-Tesla short-selling "bulls" have been using -- some of them for several years -- to support their never-ending and by now completely untruthful claims that Tesla is in financial trouble and is on the verge of collapse.

    As I've said many times, I'm not a "financial guy", but Zachary Shahan, who wrote this article, certainly is! I'm not going to copy the entire article; it's much too detailed, and besides you should visit Clean Technica and read it for yourself!

    (Financial disclaimer: Zachary Shanan has a "long" investment in Tesla's stock, TSLA.)

    But here's a quote:

    When it comes down to it, any long-term bets against Tesla have proven extremely costly so far. Whether you have an oil bias and are thus opposed to Tesla or you just shorted TSLA because you thought the company couldn’t ramp up its manufacturing capacity and produce great cars, the problem has been Tesla’s nearly unprecedented ability to break into this highly mature auto market and get to a high level of vehicle production.

    Just as Tesla is on the verge of quarterly profits that essentially shut down the shorts, however, there has been a blitz attack on the company and its image from multiple corners. A longtime auto journalist who wrote a positive review of the Tesla Model 3 for the Wall Street Journal was reportedly harassed so much about that review that he deleted his Twitter account. Why are there so many Tesla haters on Twitter? The company is building superb electric cars. Whose toes is the company stepping on?

    Aside from attacks on positive Tesla stories like that, there have reportedly been cases of underhanded UAW campaigns against Tesla (printed to wide readership by The Guardian, one of my favorite media outlets, and others), cases of insider sabotage at the factory and misleading leaks that led to negative media reports, and a great deal of spin about Tesla finances (which most reporters covering Tesla are not equipped to personally evaluate).

    More members of the new-to-Tesla or loosely-following-Tesla media would do well to separate the misinformation from accurate information and not be misled on the context by people who have put millions or billions of dollars down betting against Tesla.
    Writer Zachary Shahan goes on to detail seven different topics that Tesla short-selling FUDsters concentrate on, debunking their myths and disinformation talking points one by one. Rather than copy all that -- the entire article at Clean Technica is worth reading at least twice! -- I'll list the topics here:

    1. Tesla’s finances — investing vs. burning

    2. Tesla’s finances — mass production vs. ramping up

    3. Tesla vehicle demand

    4. What about the competition?

    5. Newfound paparazzi interest in manufacturing & finance

    6. Frustration [by Elon Musk] boiling over [on Twitter and elsewhere]

    7. Tesla shorts are scared, exposed, desperate

    Full article: "Tesla Shorts Are Scared, Exposed, & Desperate — Memo To Media: Don’t Be Duped"
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    I found this YouTube informative:

    Bob Wilson

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