The Tesla Revolution

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Mar 30, 2018.

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  1. 101101

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    Pretty soon we are going to start hearing stories like the following:

    I have a Tesla Roof, 3 Powerpacks and 2 Model 3s and 2 charging plates in the garage.

    My wife and I drive 80 miles a day between the two of us 5 days a week and we do some driving on the weekends. In two year's time we've never had to visit a charging station and we don't even have to plug the cars in. We've had to do no maintenance. We don't have an electric bill, or a natural gas (heating/stove/electric) bill or a gasoline bill. We've cut the cords on all of that. We are saving a ton of money. We couldn't be happier. Also, I can sleep on my way to work. I can even send my cars to to make money.

    That is saving a ton of money while having greatly increased convenience and quality of life, increased security and peace of mind knowing they are doing the right thing in doing their part to get rid of an evil industry that is putting the world at extreme risk. And then you ask them... do you think the petrol industry has a right to exist? Answer, no we don't. Would you pay money to put them out of business? Answer, yes we would, no better way money can be spent and that's what we've done. Do you feel the petrol industry owes you money? Yes a lot of it for all the harm they've done to current and future generations.

    Is there anything else you've done to lower bills or need for electricity to help keep the scale of your set up down? Yes, we gone to all LED lighting and replace old appliances and replaced the heating and cooling with a heat pump. We've also gone vegan organic to hit them where it really counts and save money on medical and insurance.
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