The SEC is violating Musk and legitimate Tesla share holder's 1st Amendment Rights

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Oct 4, 2018.

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    Bribery based media has been very angry that Tesla has been setting the counter example that you don't have to pay them to spin your products in order to be successful. Keep in mind that it is through sponsored media that we lose our voices. You get captured politicians because sponsored media acts as a sponsor filter on politicians running- and then in the scam of the century is further enriched by this absolute injustice- people foolishly given money to politicians that turn around and give it to the same sponsored media that censors their voices and ultimately strips them of their rights- their could not be a more corrupt system. You actually get captured law from captured politicians such that you basically lose your rights and this comes from allowing the maximal conflict of interest known as sponsored media. Its really a sort of evil entity.

    Right now presumably all the sponsors in sponsored media are whining (keep in mind all the articles are basically ads or payola) that Tesla is able to bypass the scam and their ill-gotten investment in this public interest undermining social contract destroying scam. Then you have the SEC ("short seller enrichment commission") that instead of prosecuting the fraudulent short and distorts, prosecutes Tesla when Tesla tries to give notice on something that was eminent and of material interest to Tesla's legitimate investors (which does not the fraudulent petrol proxy short and distort shorts- obvious to anyone who can think) and because of a technicality (that has not face value legitimacy- Musk wouldn't announce something that would obviously instantly unravel) Musk and Tesla are supposed to bend over and let the raping begin- its so glad handed its putrid. It needs a huge court case and massive publicity- lets see if the T. admin strong armed some people to make the deal fail and tried this BS. No one who isn't insane or a moron thinks the attack was just and there is no such thing as a light measure of injustice- fraud and crime are fraud and crime. But this is all petrol capture right down to the capture of the SEC.

    What they are trying to do is silence Musk and block his first amendment rights for of all things the spurious fallacious claim that he harmed some entities engaged in corruption and vandalism of Tesla's share holder value, so they want to silence him so that there will be no choice but to supposedly go to the short and distort model of info on Tesla reinforced by the sponsor and spin model of media so that everything is about gagging and shutting him up. You've seen this with dealers, they whine about the word of mouth model Tesla uses as if there is something wrong with that- lets have some transparency on the Michigan legislature payola-bribery-graft-lobby scam with regard to Tesla. Everything is about trying to reinforce the corruption. But Musk has first amendment rights and the so called share holders they keep trying to point- those are not share-holders those are saboteurs just like with the actual saboteur connected to the short and distorts and petrol proxies- in that case the petro sponsored media tried to claim this person was a whistle blower but a whistle blower for whom? Anyone thing ISS and Black Rock are legitimate shareholders- I don't- seems to me they want to undermine the company. The SEC appears to be violating Musk's first amendment rights in furtherance of a fraud and becoming a party to the fraud, attempting to aid and abet the crime. Its like someone gets injured breaking into your home (although your home is perfectly safe and ordinary) and they sue you and win in court. It appears to be even beyond that level of corruption. Where is the prosecution of the short and distorts and the damage they have done to society and Tesla share holders?

    This is all about trying to cover up the success Tesla is having at coping with possibly the world's core problem at a time when the idiot administration is trying to roll back the clean car rules. What we need is an immediate general election where we do over the 2016 election and roll back the bogus laws and crony justice selections. These people need to understand that they do not have a right to profit from poisoning other people, the line of proximate cause has been drawn and it does include their subsides and continued theft and criminality and undermining of public interest and society itself.

    It is so laughable that GM is claiming its auto pilot is better. Its better at exactly nothing. I can imagine Ford and BMW on their hands and knees groveling before their sponsor anointed selected captured politicians, begging for relief from Tesla as a 3rd layer or forth layer of corruption, appealing to captured law out beyond captured media and captured agencies.

    There has to be a limit to the idiocy- first anti net neutrality and the claim from that FCC fool Ajit Pai that they had a right to profit from censorship and that fool traitor to pediatrics politician claiming that for-profit fully immune vaccines companies had a right to our children's blood supplies to test their Ginny pig products or bar access to the public school baby sitter and jail the parents for truancy over a distortion of the child labor laws (a phony dem in that case but captured none the less.) There has to be an end to the party of abject corruption and outright crime and criminality. We need to sluff these people off. As for people short Tesla these people on the one had appear to be terminally stupid in a way that even the Darwin award couldn't capture given the problems of the world the firms aims and goals and on the other hand seems like traitors selling out the human race. If there ever was a criminal use of money that's it. What property rights (?) they don't have any they were forfeit a long time ago and surely they were paid off a long time ago for any actual contribution, now they are just the worst kind of parasite and cannibal.
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