The phony consumer groups complaining about Autopilot

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 26, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Can you imagine consumer groups complaining about air bags? These are all petrol funded shill groups because petrol knows nothing will destroy petrol fuel/energy faster than autonomy and autopilot.

    We've already reached peak autos in the US. Last year 10% of people retired their vehicle and did not purchase a new vehicle. Peak auto is an indication that we've reached peak petrol fuel energy demand which makes peak supply irrelevant but the supply side is happening already as well.

    The potential of EV is so amazing. Just Lithium air batteries can give us drones that fly all day and could give us Model 3s that go 3100 miles on a charge.

    But lets get serious. Autonomy gets us to a 80% reduction of cars on the road within a decade and in no time 90%-95% of miles will be done by autonomous EV at something like 10 cents a mile even in the US, and half that or less in India. These are all Tony's Seba's numbers. But Tony has been radically better than his competition on this and even he might be conservative on it which he acknowledges. What happens to petrol retail or firms like GM (which is all GM amounts to) when people are spending the expected 1/10 on transportation in less than 7 years and spending the difference in places where it will help the customer personally instead where the spending goes to things they care about a lot more- its actually a lift to their standard of living and quality of life, something that has been missing forever in so many areas of their lives. But its an instant brick wall hit to domain after domain of petrol fuel energy.

    Peabody energy just went bankrupt. It was the world's largest coal producer, pretty sure the next four biggest coal companies just went bankrupt as well. That should have triggered a huge celebration. Shale is next as is deep water oil. Transparency is increasing not decreasing and there is some new net tech that will radically accelerate transparency. Exxon will be bankrupt soon (I'd say within 7 years,) and does anyone think the public will allow that pos firm to be bailed out on the public dime given its history- no, it will be embroiled in public suits by then solidifying its fall and dissolution. Founding family members for the firm have been divesting it stating that it will soon face a fate much worse than big tobacco- in my opinion 10000 times worse. Think of all the sht the petrol fuel energy industry has done to the world in the last 70 years all of it unnecessary.

    But very serious here is what is happening with Tesla. Right now the Texas Energy Sector is trying to do with Tesla (who else would it be) what they did with Iraq and other mid east countries. They are basically trying to wage war on it. But the problem from an American and world citizen perspective is that Tesla is trying to save our lives as hard as any company or organization has ever tried so these malevolent entities for their criminal profit are waging war on us. That is what is happening when they go after Autopilot. And all this BS "another day, another crash," sorry, that is pure BS, there are hundreds of thousands of Telsa vehicles on the road, just because Tesla is working to put the criminal petrol fuel energy business out of business (think about how many deaths petrol fuel energy causes just with wars and pollution) and doing it in a way that saves lives, doesn't mean every accident on the way to ever increasing safety is news. Tesla is at least bringing on radical technology to save countless lives.

    I am sure the Texas Energy Sector is hoping Trump will save them, but if you haven't notice he fired Tilerson- former head of Exxon from his head of state position. And Trump himself is unlikely to last a through his term and already the right is bitching that the tariffs mean the US is losing a trade war- translation petrol fuel energy and their money is still toast- nothing, absolutely nothing can save it now, its being unplugged. No level of distraction will cause people to forget practical light bulbs after the lights went on in NY lighting up the night for the first time. A huge part of the issue was the fraudulent sponsored media never told people how weak, regressive and totally state public fund dependent and fragile the petrol fuel energy business was, never told people how unnecessary its been for 70 years. Well just as the Republican party died after Katrina and its zombie is still walking around, petrol fuel energy died in 2007 because enough smart people both in government and without got a real look as a result at the exact causes for BS like 911 and decided it was the worst kind of dead end. Despite all the rest that the Obama admin did that wasn't right (even the all of the above energy strategy) they got the push toward green energy right, but the Germans (most of all) and the Chinese and the Japanese (Toyota in particular) also deserve huge credit. Green energy will be at least half of his legacy. Funny if Obama were to run again or even Michelle Obama (retched dynasties) they'd be Trump in a heart beat.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Another important aspect to the attack on auto pilot omitted from the above is TAAS or transportation as a service enabled by automate EV quickly solves the charging issue for maybe the 1/3 of people who live in apartments or don't have home access. We've see this where the petrol fuel energy industry for instance always tries to make the case that there is at least a marginal or fringe case for the continued use of their product as with the grid and claiming that pumped hydro is irreplaceable and their isn't enough of it so petrol must fill the void. In that case pumped hydro can be completely replaced by lithium ion in micro grids or decentralized applications certainly backed up by solar and wind complementing each other to cancel intermittent but industry tries to assert that a battery farm must replace a centralized pumped hydro application which isn't true. So here they want to attach the self driving aspect to try to lie to regulators that there is some margin only addressable for their product. I think it becomes impossible for them to make the case for the fraudulent use of public monies behind the scenes when there is simply no use case on any meaningful economic basis (as is already the reality) so they push hard to be able to still tell their lies to regulators and government policy people.

    Another issue as was addressed elsewhere was this notion that the Tesla S sped up, as in accelerated. This is trying to mimic the stuck accelerator issue (could have been manufactured even then) that was used to hit Lexus and damage that brand. They know this was in the public consciousness where a policeman died by hitting a K rail so the paid for scam artists seem to be pushing it- we know that petrol is funding a firm that did negative attack ads against politicians to attach Tesla, but that actions is akin to false advertising its fraud and there should be a legal means to hit them and expose them- just exposing them is really, really helpful but it has to be done regularly. But gain with the hitting a fire truck nonsense why would it accelerate (?) and again already found driver fault. Also have to go after exposing those BS short firms that keep recommending messing with the Tesla C Suit track their money and publish it. Its simply a case of the petrol industry making its recommendations under a phony name, hoping that is something Pravda can put the flood light on.

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