The main reason they hate Tesla so much

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 7, 2018.

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    It is not just because Tesla is a pure EV maker or on the surface a pure green play. Much more important than that is the cleanness and purity (in a good way) of the vision Musk has put forth. You see the vision he has put forth has people who own homes with all electric appliances and an electric car or two all powered from cells on the home's roof and a powerwalls. It is a complete 100% disconnect from the petrol industry.

    We see all the time BNEF (they are not credible in anyway- are clearly a fossil fuel front that constantly puts out FF friendly projections and propaganda) saying petrol will slow in its demand over a great many years. Well that isn't the point, the point is to halt it and make the power and money behind it face the economic losses and likely prosecution that will follow. It is a revolution not a capitulation it is the long long overdue end of petrol fuel energy not its prolongation.

    But what the obsolete industry wants is some variant of the hydrogen long tail pipe scam. What difference would it make if your low performing extra complicated hydrogen car emits water if it is all powered by natural gas to produce the hydrogen?!!!! Less than none because it would actually be worse given the lower overall efficiency of hydrogen and actual increased petrol pollution and cost/enslavement. There is no such thing as a cleaner version of petrol and no version that isn't about enslaving people. So Musk wants to cut the cord on that completely. Maybe because of time frames he relaxed a little on the utilities but you know he doesn't support a private for-profit local utility monopoly being able to demand profit and tax residents who've gone off the grid to so as to make up their short fall based on willful or criminal negligence in investing and totally obvious completely foreseeable obsolescence.

    All of which brings up Porsche and Ionity. Ionity looks like a scam. Note, Ford is on board with it- a solid clue. Shell Oil it seems will now provide the power for Ionity. How clean do you think that will be? And even if it were somehow sourced from cleaner sources how much of the discount that EV can provide on charging will be passed on to consumers? None, EV compliance maker Porsche has made that clear. And why- well its designed to protect petrol or the rest of Shell's stranded petrol assets. These are interwed families whose wealth is based on the petrol scam. Porsche-Shell all the same sht. Same with Shell buying both charging providers and utilities. When Shell buys your local utility how much of the power do you think will be green? And even if it is radically cheaper to get green energy do you think Shell will try to charge some sort of premium for access to it again to further subsidize it is petrol assets almost all of which are completely stranded and fully subsidized? And what about cutting the grid tie to go fully green in an area where Shell made such a purchase? Think they will insist that you stay tied and try to charge you for that as if they were doing you a favor to both punish and dissuade.

    Just as the Trump admin is putting sanctions on Iran's oil that needs to happen to petrol finance generally and also need to put a huge carbon tax premium on petrol fuels , end the subsidies (would kill the petrol fuel/energy industry over night by itself) and then just start making petrol fuel energy profit illegal. These companies don't have anything like rights (only people have rights,) not even a right to stay in business and their owners and share holders sure as hell don't have a right to a profit or right to a return, none of that applies when these entities are harming other people and obviously radically superior alternatives have long been available- what they have is a debt that is due. Same issue as in the civil war, they don't have a right to engage in behaviors that harm other people or damage their health or freedom. There is no right to exploit people. Same issue as with the US Civil War and a lot more pressing that say with US Tobacco. Tesla gets all of this and translates it into technology. Tesla is a key to throw off the shackles of slavery. Seems Tesla drives them crazy the way Chuck Norris's character in movie Invasion USA did the antagonist. Petrol fuel energy is a throwback to the days of formal slavery in the US. Tesla wants to bring us to the current day and end the useless rent seeking needless toll roads that feed an idle rich in the post job era. You can be sure the can't stand Musk either for his clarity on the absolute necessity of high GAIs- as it highlights the uselessness of elites who can no longer justify their status difference- everyone is in the leisure class now.

    Let me just tac this on as an example. China is about to increase its subsides for electric vehicles. But the petrol captured US so called mainstream media is reporting this as China is experimenting with dropping EV subsidies. You see that is part wink wink to the petrol crowd it is trying to keep from being demoralized, its trying to say bullying from the T. Admin is some how working. When what is really happening is China is raising subsidies for much higher mileage EVs and lowering them for low mile small impact vehicles while raising requirements generally. Its is both carrot and stick and in essence is a defacto or manifest carbon tax because it has much of the same impact in that its is increasingly more expensive to produce petrol machines and comparatively less to produce EVs. Hoping China keeps this in place even after EVs are substantially cheaper to make until all ICE is gone in 7-8 years..
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