The Honda e is dead. Long live its memory.

Discussion in 'Honda e' started by insightman, Jan 26, 2024.

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  1. insightman

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    Motor1 reported that production of the Honda e is ending in January 2024. The article correctly points out the car's two major sales impediments: price and range.

    The Honda e was a technical marvel with its 5 video screens extending across the entire dashboard and its video side-mirrors. However, even though Honda started with a clean sheet of paper, the Honda e ended up heavier and slower than the electric retro-fit of MINI's gas-powered F56. The Honda e provided only slightly more range than the MINI Electric.

    I wrote many letters to Honda, begging them to sell me a Honda e in the US. Sadly, Honda realized the US market wants larger SUVs and trucks, not smaller, economical, easy-to-park, easy-to-afford, fun-to-drive cars.

    Now Honda has shown off its electric "Honda 0" (Honda Zero) concept cars, the Saloon and the Space-Hub. These cars, in my opinion, are not good looking. The stylists of the spunky Honda e must have been relocated to offices in Honda's basement.


    I hope Sony's joint venture with Honda doesn't morph into something like these two concepts.
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