The critical difference between 'low carbon' and no carbon

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    Low carbon is a scam just like the long tail pipe scam with hydrogen they trying to build a slight of hand. They are trying to build something that keeps them in the loop. This enables them to continue subsidies all out of proportion and continue the public rip off and the raiding of and raping of the treasury.

    What we have to do is make carbon energy categorically unjustifiable, that is the way we cut the tie, that is the only what we can do it. So they can't be holding it has to be unjustifiable and if it is low carbon they we can't criminalize it which is what we have to do. We have to criminalize fossil fuel profit. This is the stupid lawyerly scam they are trying to run but we have to cut this one out too.

    If its 'low carbon,' the play with 'standards' and all that like Wheeler is doing, but when it is low carbon they can't go from the categorical where lift a bar and contraband to bs about lifting caps or playing with numbers under a 'flexible' standard. So we don't go from no carbon to way, way more carbon or just way way more fossil fuel profit. And the difference between low carbon and no carbon is with no carbon when they play these games they go to jail they fry. Its even better than a profit moratorium. With low carbon when court happens and the jury is there they can escape sentencing so this is what its about, there is all the difference in the world between low carbon and no carbon. So they don't get the low carbon bs talking point anymore than they get the clean coal nonsense- it is the same BS. Its like low tar cigarettes or light beer aimed at kids- same alcoholism, same lung cancer.

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