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Discussion in 'Energy' started by 101101, May 16, 2020.

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    The bigger the picture Why the virus? What does it prove or what data does it provide? Back around 1978 the US Government asked the Pentagon in particular its Air Force Space Command what would happen if we continued on our present course with our policies and economic system. The response was that the gap between the have nots and he haves would grow until it was necessary for the haves to stay confined in gated communities and also that climate change would lead to mass migrate (climate instability) and that the US would need a wall at its Southern border to prevent a population greater than the size of China or India with a different demographic and a different culture and a different language and a different work ethic from crossing the border and changing the politics and making it harder for the wealthy to shelter in place in their gated communities. Look at the experience Israel is having with its gated communities and walls. HIllary Clinton in the 90s supported the wall. Exxon verified the climate instability portion. The US is a microcosm for this stuff.

    For elites, a literal leisure class it is not at all abstract to contemplate living off the system and never having to work, it is the experience many of them and their whole families and everyone they know were born into. Also, more and more they perceive the baby sitting nature of any work experience they encounter and they surely resent it. They would like to automate it away. What they most want is not having to live in a trash pile (they want green open spaces, fresh water, clean food, wildlife and clean fresh air to breath- these are natural logical human wants they are the literal base of Maslow's hierarchy) and they want to be free to go where they want without experiencing the equivalent of road rage or directed road rage if they don't want to go out in a disguise or mask (sound familiar?) They want to be able to drive what they are accustomed to driving etc., they don't want it like in the UK where your Rolls will get keyed. So notice under the current admin we've had an experiment which includes sending people home- cutting off the babysitting overload with stimulus (what the whole systems runs on )spread a little further and building a wall that goes both ways a literal wall along the Southern border and restricting travel- travel is still happens for elites but nothing is crowded for them now and seeing what fresh air looks like and how fast we can get it and achieve the difference. Elites know and have known since Keynes told the in the 30s that the economic problem would be solved (human labor would be unnecessary and harmful) and have known since the early 70s that it was solved because more than 2000 economists from the left and right told them that it was solved (and to send everyone home to prevent irreversible unrest.) Notice what we also have which is domestic spying (thanks in part to domestic spying partner Mr. Sugar Town- also have VR routed through Mr Sugar Town's persona as well) and contact tracing and cameras everywhere! All of that is meant to enforce reversing the defacto quaranted house arrest gated community nightmare elites would find themselves in and impose it on the population in a very curious way. Contract tracing plus ankle bracelet tracers (that are gathering a every thing you which can and will be held against you in a court of public opinion to discredit you and shut you up and predict you so you can be shut up before you say it and minded by AI)
    and the limits on protesting (social distancing and breaking mic checks) all of this stuff was designed to create the private utopia as opposed to the public utopia.

    The private utopia as opposed to a public utopia isn't as dark or restrictive as one might think but it would seem both the Nazis and Randians wouldn't be unenthusiastic. It does provide the elbow room to grow supermen. It supports the electronic equivalent of mass depopulation but it does so without violence (less risk for elites) in a way reminiscent of Robin Cook's "Coma" and Huxley's "Soma," but it is much more auto pilot because as we know it takes more skill to drive to work than to do 90% of jobs and of course Autopilot will drive at least 10x better than humans so that implies taking care of the remaining 10% of work. You see yes it is necessary to have production but with the machine that builds (and repairs the machine) you don't need human labor just a bit of human creativity that more and more can be done anywhere with a voice interface, a pair of AR glasses and some wireless ear buds.

    If you're the average worker that has never known or expected any security you've been groomed for this (across a couple generations at least) this is a super attractive proposition. It is even more attractive if you've been the average prisoner. Running this Covid experiment surely confirmed what Fuller said about the carrying capacity of the Earth (skys cleared quickly- birds were out,) that we could literally be billions of billionaires living in perfect ecology and by the time frame of the NWO Agenda 21 that is only 10 years away in 2030- with one difference for almost everyone it will be virtual.

    Here is the future for most people. They live in a glorious safe condo. They don't have to keep the inside or the outside up. The have fun exercise equipment provided for them. They get nutritious drone delivered organic food free with endless selection. They get free internet and free VR/AR- if they do have to go somewhere its free (public drone based transport- self cleaning cars) They are generally always caught up in an electronic dream state. They don't have to rent or worry about owning- no one owned anything under the sovereign land and sovereign currency anyway. But what elites get and this is the essential part is the masses voluntarily permanently self -quarantine in a virtual world as if they had been mass teleported to a planet on the other side of the universe or the other-side of the veil in the death life divide. They might as well be in a coma sleeping out the next century as their numbers dwindle.

    For elites this is great! Street over grow with grass, condos get covered in moss and Ivy trees of redwood stature spring up ever where and nature comes back. And lets say you're not big on having your children inbreeding in the numerical equivalent of a tiny gated community, well the ones that don't choose electronic euthanasia in the perpetual virtual Disney land have practically passed an enlightenment test and are at least worthy of 1% status. There are no locks on any of these doors but it is a one way journey from birth for almost everyone.

    You question this? Teenagers are understandably the most restless group and hardest to contain they are trying to wean. You could hardly get this ADHD crop to meditate for 1 minutes- and they are not passive they've been practicing head shots most of their life. You certainly couldn't tell them: go to their room and don't come out! But look they've been in their rooms the whole time? Yes they have. And what happens when you open the door? They are in the dark. Are they sleeping? No but they are only occasional movements of thumb and fore fingers and maybe one half of strange conversation as if they are talking to themselves. Think that is an accident? Unless you're standing right behind them you can't even tell what they are looking at. A VR version will suffice for enough real exercise to keep pain from setting in and driving them out of hibernation.

    continued in next post
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    continued from prior post

    This virus wasn't an accident. It was surely man made and the cost (deadly serious) will be about a 10% increase on the normal flu related death rates globally or a 1% increase in the current 'natural' global death rate from attributed to all sources - it would have to be 100x larger just to halt the population increase. They couldn't have something that would blow back on them (look at which politicians don't wear a mask and how confident they are- even if only to channel the fear mongered to the safe havens of authority.) If it weren't for the choke point of a defunded hospital systems grinding to a halt and the optics of the mechanism and its ugliness, if it weren't for that a statistician would have been needed to see its effect and short of pockets of concentration and stay at home orders on its numbers alone it would have gone unnoticed. Still, it was like taking a hostage out in the square and shooting them and it piled up bills and highlighted dependence on stimulus and total dependence on the state. And by the way there is no way around total dependence on the state under fiat currency but there is also no alternative to fiat currency that we would want because while fiat enshrines the state it also gives us a literal genie in a bottle that as long as we realize it can make up for much of the imposition of the state- remember the state is another fictive paper entity like fiat.

    But what about NY city? Well NY city has become the disaster capital of the world. 911, OWS, flooding of subways and streets, and now this. In OWS they said: the people don't know what they want. The people don't have a plan. These people have a plan: private utopia. Everyone stays born in Plato's cave and doesn't know it unless by their own effort they prove worthy of freedom. Its a filter on the womb, but it also naturally lowers the population because its more masturbatory than social- its social distancing into another more dream like dimension where genitals are less likely to make contact in subtly curated artificially stimulated worlds, it is a perfected lottery placator. Plan A is private utopia on Earth. A more public utopia can be tried on Mars. Public utopia is possible, look at the Netherlands, highest rates of sexual activity lowest birth rates.

    There was a commentary on early United States that it was weak because its self-sufficient homesteaders couldn't be made to do anything and hence the society was weak. But now elites only want the population to do one thing, stay at home and don't come out so as to social distance the breeding rate down and to give elites breathing room. And for many people it is a choice between being up in the middle of the night preparing and serving poisonous fast food and being able to stay home and watch sitcoms. They would choose the sitcoms while it is passive it is a voluntary passive as opposed to what is involuntary and counter-productive. 911 was just stupid as in Nick Rockefeller saying "we do it because we can." In the 20 years since there at least seems to be a plan as in NWO agenda 21 which dates to 1992 a curious year.

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