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Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Apr 21, 2018.

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    The bigger picture is about the right of the petrarchy to rule over the planet, for Americans this is the civil rights struggle part II this is slavery part 2. These people believe that in what amounts to ancient history their relatives won the contest of history which them gives them the right to dominate you, enslave you and your relatives forever. That is petrarchy is an economic royalist system where what counts is the right of the supposed superior based on nonsense pretense (petrarchy) to rule over the supposed inferior. That is all there is too it. You want all these phony little wage salve jobs in a system where petrarchy welfare sucks at least 14 trillion in today's dollars out of the global economy (13 of which is pure welfare) and has every year for the last 70 years while at the same time destabilizing the world and making its economy catabolic? If that is what we want we can just keep doing this but we should know what it is about.

    People like Musk are trying to do something about it and that has to be recognized it is Civil Rights part 2- we can oppose this nonsense even if our rational is just based on obvious naked self-interest, it is surely the misguided naked self-interest of a self-appointed oppressor class that taking us backwards. Top Gear now seems to be a fan of the Model 3 suggesting it is revolutionary.Sandy Munro Same thing sees Model 3 as revolutionary.
    It is revolutionary.

    Look at all the lame articles about how Tesla factories are supposed to be unsafe. Which is it (?) the most automated factories are also supposed to be the most unsafe? Try to replace the driver or try to replace the worker and that is unsafe? No it is petrol that is unsafe and causing damage not attempts to replace petrol. This is such BS. Less workers or attempt to have less is somehow unsafe or leads to more injuries when would not be a matter of over work but outright replacement of unsafe jobs that cause injuries with machines that would just need repair? Is that the case with Intel or Amazon? Lie after lie after lie. Same type of morons that wrote the Iraq 2 press releases seem to be driving this, thinking that if they tell lies loud enough and often enough it will be believed (per the Nazi press doctrine) and allow them to create a catch 22 over capital access to save petrol. But too many smart people are done with petrol and no distractions are going to save it now, the bill due. People are more and more aware of how petrol is the biggest welfare case in history 10x despite all the damage it does.

    Hearing way too much BS, blocking access to capital, attempts to destroy goodwill, paint as incompetent, attempts to manipulate stock price and quite plausibly apparent sabotage at factory and of products to feed shill news cycle. Manipulation of ratings agencies, manipulation of better business bureau, filing of bs suits, attempts to manipulate board make up- messing with tariffs, stealing elections.

    In the bigger picture the Trump tariffs are like an alcoholic that is at the point of a liver transplant over alcohol abuse (petrol,) it's one last shot but the patient after transplant is still drinking trying to drink more than ever. Continuing with petrol past 1950 was a terrible, but by 1970 continuing with it was straight financial treason, but the point was to hollow out the public sector and take us back to the plantation because as Keynes predicted with the solution of the economic problem being recognized in 1970 capitalism was already over. It just came a little early and came despite an energy source that had predictably run off a cliff of catabolism. Their idiotic solution was to try to use the increasing scarcity inducements of petrol to try to re-introduce scarcity to preserve their arbitrary power and prestige.

    And in the US and also globally you can see their work. In the US in 1970 the middle class took in 3/4 of income. 50 years later that middle class is 4x as productive but takes in less than half the income and has shrunk radically so now there are the working poor with more than half of people working full time on cash aid and rich who contribute less than they ever did in terms of actual contributions to society and taxes- well at least it is like a gilded age. In 1970 a single income could support 5 kids, send them through college without debt, pay off the home and there was no medical bankruptcy and there was job security and pension or social security as a given. There was also social mobility and the expectation that one's children would be even better off. All that has been reversed and that's been due in part to delinking wages from inflation and destroying labor law but most of all to allowing sponsored captured media and to petrarchy and covering up petrarchy and its welfare and imperialism with sponsored media.

    In the UK last summer there was a very honest Bill Board against Theresa May and the Tories:It has a picture of May's face huge and looming in massive letters next to that face it said " I AM A THREAT" to: your local hospital, to you child's education, to you standard of living, to you job security, to your pension, to you peace and security. Don't vote Conservative in June. Wish we had these bill boards here in the US with her face on it. Americans should be campaigning against her. Want a reason for a tariff or a trade war? Who about the insulting retention of even a vestigial monarchy. That kind of Conservatism is a greater threat than any of the conservative bogie men including Al Qaeda and ISIS and every other manufactured justification for petrarchy and its imperialism.

    Every stupid unnecessary wars since WWII have been a petrol bailout. The over throw of Iran's democratically elected government right after fighting the Nazis was such a glaring example of not learning remotely enough from WWII and it was the beginning- it was done for petrol and was just another of its bailouts. Same for the embargo- more bailout, same for Enron and 911 (pretense) also all the austerity under the 07 collapse same also for tariffs. There has been 15-20 unnecessary petrol bailout wars in the interim. But the tariffs are the end game for petrol, green enables a radically lower cost of good while at the same time it cuts petrol demand.
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