The ability to prosecute elected officials when they sell out the public

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    Say your in California and you find out that the county board just signed a long term project for natural gas that would bind its residents to 18 cents a kwh hour for decades subject to yearly inflationary increases when they should have got 1 cent kwh hour battery backed solar and without the damaging health effects.

    To me it seems every member of that board should be subject to prosecution and in my opinion the penalty if found guilty by a jury should be life in prison without the possibility of parole especially if there was any personal gain however small for those members. Not sure solitary confinement should be out of the question. I also don't think there should be an statute of limitations on this either. I also think that mistakes like this should be revisable with the infrastructure torn up and the people who put it in made to pay for it and pay for the cost of the clean infrastructure. I think we should even consider extending these types of penalties to the fossil fuels companies and their executives involved in these deals. Instead of trying to give felonies citizens who protest fossil fuels we tell these fossil fuel companies if you get a contract you should not have gotten and didn't have a competitive product for (and they don't and never will again) you will face the worse kind of fraud and punitive penalties the country has ever seen so go find some other country- just get out!

    We have to find a way to get around fraud and bribery and unnecessary rent seeking as a way of life.

    In Germany judges have talked about being able to prosecute politicians that don't follow the laws. Going that way could have some undesirable affects, but it is pretty clear when they sell out the public for gain and stuff like ALEC should have in my opinion been take out under racketeering and other threats to the society by the FBI a long time ago. We are going to need a restructuring of business and pay for lies media that undermines speech and rights both have devolved into criminality.

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