The 2018 Nissan LEAF revealed

Discussion in 'LEAF' started by Domenick, Sep 28, 2017.

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  1. The 2018 Nissan LEAF was revealed on September 5th, and so I thought I'd be nice to have the article full of all the official details in here. >Click here<

    Looking forward to hear opinions about the car, and watching how they evolve as we learn more about it.

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  3. Jay Cole

    Jay Cole New Member

    Just as a random note, I got a ETA of late January from my local dealer.
  4. 30kWh_Leaf

    30kWh_Leaf New Member

    Unfortunately, this is an update rather than a completely new vehicle. I am sure Nissan could have put over 40kWh in the old Leaf when Renault increased capacity of the Zoe to 41kWh. That said, I'll still probably go for the 60kWh version in 2019. Unless of course the Tesla Model 3 really is excellent.
  5. Lou Grinzo

    Lou Grinzo Member

    Barring a totally unexpected turn of events, I will be replacing my 2013 Leaf S with a 2018 Leaf, likely a red SL. The range, price, size, configuration, looks, etc. all work for my wife and me, and while we might be willing to pay the extra for the 60kWh pack version, the additional range isn't important enough for us to wait roughly a year for it to arrive.

    I feel compelled to mention that we're not seriously considering a Tesla 3, even if we could just walk in and buy one next Summer, mostly because there are no Tesla facilities within hundreds of miles of our home currently. There's a chance Tesla might open a store and service center in the area, at a perfect location where they just added superchargers, but that's just my analysis of the situation, and we've heard nothing from Tesla about such a move. In general, I think this is something we plug heads don't talk about enough -- the factors that go into buying any car beyond the specs and price. We were longtime Toyota and Honda owners, but I jumped to Nissan to get an EV. And it turned out we really liked working with the one local Nissan dealer (of 4) that seemed to have a clue about EVs.

    And the Bolt was never a contender thanks to our miserable history of problems with GM products.
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  6. Any word on when you might take delivery?
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  8. Lou Grinzo

    Lou Grinzo Member

    We haven't even talked to a dealer yet, but we're thinking about Summer and assuming we can get an SL in that time frame.
  9. Ah, ok. Still some ways off. Looking forward to hearing owner's impressions.
  10. jim

    jim Active Member

    My friend has a 2018 LEAF coming. They keep pushing the date out but It should be by the end on January. We'll see how it does in the Desert HEAT testing if he ever gets it . (daily Phoenix driving)
  11. 30kWh_Leaf

    30kWh_Leaf New Member

    I have ordered the 40kWh Nissan Leaf 2.ZERO in "Spring Cloud." It's a first come first served 1,500 vehicle deal here in the UK. It as all the bells and whistles except the leather seats & Bose sound system which I can honestly do without. The other colour they're doing this model in is black. I am hoping to take delivery in March.

    I was intending to hold out for the 60kWh version but I only "need" over 200 miles of range once a year. I can get to both daughters with 150 miles range and I have no doubt the 60kWh vehicle will be some £thousands more expensive.

    Another innovation I am buying into is a smart charger that will put electricity into the car before allowing any out to the grid. My solar panels will power the house, an immersion heater for hot water, a Tesla Powerwall 2 and the car. I reckon all this (apart from the car obviously) will have paid for itself after about five years.
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  13. Sounds great! I hope you can find the time to start a thread with some of your experiences (and pics!) with it. Your home energy setup also sounds pretty interesting.
  14. 30kWh_Leaf

    30kWh_Leaf New Member

    Heard from Nissan today that they're expecting deliveries to start next month. They have a plant here in England that makes the Leafs for Europe.
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  15. Next month is potentially very soon!
    Besides Sunderland, the US plant should also be shipping soon, which is good, as they have 13,000 customers waiting, apparently.
  16. 30kWh_Leaf

    30kWh_Leaf New Member

    The Sunderland plant started building Leafs last month. I presume for demonstration models and vehicles for journalists to drive around.
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