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  1. Nice, I personally don't like the front windows that dark. But appreciate the rear like that here in Nevada. I tend to park the car facing the rear towards the sun. Makes a big difference!

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  2. CJC

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    Yes it looks great!
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  3. Looks great! But how much of that is just the spring wash job? (I had a smiley face here!)

    How's the execution? I'm always concerned about adhesion and quality of application around curves and edges. Do they handle those tricky bits well?
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  4. Yup, it's standard on the hatch.
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  5. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member

    So far I haven’t been able to find anything that’s too worrisome. There are a few bubbles here and there but he said the full curing time is 2 week, and they would disappear as the temperature warms up. It looks really clean! When it’s not raining and overcast out I’ll take a few more detailed photos.

    Also, there’s a one year guarantee against peeling. He said if it starts to peel up on any edge or corner - they’ll replace it at no charge.
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  6. CJC

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    FB_IMG_1555822651817.jpg What do you all think of doing the white wrap with high gloss or pearly white? Here is the photo of ordinary white roof from internet. I have been looking at wraps for ages and I think a white roof with the ceramic blue does appeal to me the most. But I would like a little bling in the white. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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  7. I'd be doing white. Love it. It was my preferred Preferred (if you get my drift). I was very disappointed when I found out the Ultimate came without it. What about a creamy 50s beige?
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  8. Oilberta

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    Never had a car (our Ultimate) with such heavy tint in the rear window (hatch in this case), and it's taking a little time to get used to the rear view mirror.
  9. Well it looks great! Best of luck with it.
    I personally hate tint. It's getting increasingly difficult to find a car without it. I want to SEE outside and not sit in constant gloom.
  10. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    That is an idea well worth looking at when I go to the wrap place. I think the cars with the creamy beige from the 50's looked great, and it would lend a different look than the plain white. I was worried at first about doing the white roof and mirror thinking that I would see too many of them since they would be coming in with the slightly less expensive Preferred model. However, I believe non of the preferred models that people in BC have received are two tone--only solid like ours. I'm going to look for the creamy beige two tone cars on the internet. Thanks!
  11. How much is it to just wrap the roof, pillars and mirrors?
  12. I found it much easier to plasti-dip wheels. I have had them coated for nine months now and they have very little wear to speak of.

    I also had a full front ppf wrap for my car, well worth it since there is so much painted surface area on the front.
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  13. I really love that, was thinking of doing the same thing and changing the blue to something deeper. I haven't quite gotten myself to love the Ceramic blue yet. Blue is my favorite color but I like either royal blue or a dark classy blue. I think Nissan and/or Mazda has a blue out on one of their SUVs that I really love. I'm very particular about my blue. But either way I think I'll probably seriously consider white for the roof, I really like that contrast.
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  14. Quotes between $400 and $800
  15. CJC

    CJC Well-Known Member

    Wildeyed suggested a creamy beige to go with the ceramic blue. Today we saw a 50's Chevy with a similar blue to the ceramic blue with a slight creamy beige roof and pillars. It looked great. I am planning on wrapping this month.
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  16. I love the white, and I'll definitely be interested in seeing photos once you get it done, whatever you go with. I'm just starting my search for places that will wrap a car around here.
  17. GPM432

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    Here is my new wrap job on the lowe
    DSC04070 (Medium) (2).JPG DSC04071 (Medium) (2).JPG P_20190516_160620 (Medium).jpg P_20190516_160636_001 (Medium).jpg P_20190516_160754 (Medium).jpg DSC04069 (Medium) (2).JPG DSC04070 (Medium) (2).JPG DSC04071 (Medium) (2).JPG P_20190516_160620 (Medium).jpg P_20190516_160636_001 (Medium).jpg P_20190516_160754 (Medium).jpg DSC04069 (Medium) (2).JPG DSC04069 (Medium) (2).JPG DSC04070 (Medium) (2).JPG DSC04071 (Medium) (2).JPG P_20190516_160620 (Medium).jpg P_20190516_160636_001 (Medium).jpg P_20190516_160754 (Medium).jpg DSC04069 (Medium) (2).JPG DSC04070 (Medium) (2).JPG DSC04071 (Medium) (2).JPG P_20190516_160620 (Medium).jpg P_20190516_160636_001 (Medium).jpg P_20190516_160754 (Medium).jpg
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  18. It's funny, I find I'm a bit indifferent to this blue as well but I have never had more compliments about a car colour in my life! Literally everybody I show the car to specifically comments about how much they love it.
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