Texas Instruments discusses EV technology

Discussion in 'General' started by bwilson4web, Feb 22, 2018.

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    Sponsored by: Texas Instruments. New charging methods and intelligent battery management help make electric vehicles practical.

    All-electric vehicles (EVs) are available right now. So, what’s keeping you from buying one? Of course, the answer is travel range—the range of even the best of the EVs is around 200 miles on a full charge. That’s roughly half of what the typical internal-combustion-engine (ICE) vehicle can do. That limitation is going to put off potential EV buyers until something better comes along.

    Better batteries are the ultimate answer to that problem, but it hasn’t happened, yet. For now, the real solution is more charging stations and faster and easier charging methods. You will be glad to know that progress is being made, and superior electronics is making it happen.
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    One of the best ways to understand a technology is to get the data sheet for the chips and parts supporting that technology.

    Bob Wilson
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