Texas Energy Sector vs Decentralized Energy.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, May 25, 2018.

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    The world has been in a violent argument with the Texas Energy Sector for at least 5 decades in large part over its values. The sector values the power of the strong to tell the weak what to do or even more important from its perspective the weak never telling the strong what to do- their actual core value. But they are confused about what strength is. They don't get that controlling another is enslaving yourself and not understanding this makes them weak and makes them victims who run on fear. You can see this in the rest of their value set. Although they have Southern hospitality they fear the brown wave and fear the power of the p*ssy and they really fear decentralized energy because it cuts the yoke they've placed on strangers. Despite cosmopolitan partnerships they have lots of stranger fear.

    Under the current system they rail against big government because they don't want you to know they are completely dependent on it for extracting tribute from you and completely dependent on it in general. They go on about free markets because they don't want you to know that there is no such thing and never has been as big business is only big government which they are dependent on completely but use against you to get you to pay tribute and steal your time, when their real claim to actual power (as in the vote and citizenship) isn't any greater than yours. They don't want decentralized energy because it frees people from enclosure (think penning animals,) cuts the rent seeking yoke and destroys the power of wage slavery and artificial scarcity and keeps people from becoming defacto property.

    Lets give the specifics of how the Texas Energy Sector misappropriates government authority to levy a huge private tax on the population that undermines quality of life and standard of living in a cumulative way. Most of us who live in urban settings will find we are charged monthly (essentially an inappropriate tax) by a local private monopoly utility that is of all things for-profit (and insists that profit is mandatory and indemnified by government against any loss despite having no allowed competition) to provide energy to your homes or apartments. If you shut that service off you will be evicted or have your property red tagged. So if you refuse to pay them their tribute they can put you in the street. Further that firm will buy natural gas or some other form of petrol, a completely unnecessary product that works against the interests of the involuntary yoked customer by raising the cost of food and water and causing unnecessary wars which the involuntary yoked customer must also pay for and causing disease which directly or indirectly the involuntary yoked customer must pay for- all of this amounts to increasing claims on the person's time. And given the arbitrary nature of the product they come up with constant Enron style excuses to raise prices at will. In essence its a protection racket you work to pay them or work for them or you get evicted or can't retire (see below.) Essentially you work for them against your will in a way that reinforces enclosure, wage slavery, yoking and rent seeking parasitism for a class of non-contributing wealthy self-appointed elite over-lords.

    If your car for instance gets energy straight from the sun without even having to put panels on your home or install batteries that is bad for their ill-gotten power. So they naturally hate SAEVs, lots of propaganda saying they are impossible. Almost as much they don't want solar plus batteries plus BEVs because that cuts at least three of their cords with gasoline, natural gas electric and natural gas cooking/heating/driers. Most of us are giving these people $500 a month of our time in a way that undermines our freedoms in every aspect of our life. Given what most people make in the US most people are working for the Sector about 1 week a month.

    The scam they want to run involves sponsored media telling lies (all it exists to do,) to misinform the public about their interests e.g., "climate change is a hoax." Trying to make sure that they can still charge ill gotten gain rent protection money as they tried in Nevada when people had choice and options to cut the cord on their scam. Which by the way they never would have had if the US didn't come to the brink of civil unrest in 08 over the petrol scam. Also trying to claim that they should be able to pass the cost on to other rate payers who don't yet have the means/choice to cut their cord, akin to all the market will bear BS or gouging when the sector needs to be made to disgorge past ill-gotten gains based on decades of government fraud- hearing municipalities may be having trouble making payroll which is spooky. Also trying to make sure ridiculous (horrid economics and impacts) natural gas powers electric charging stations. Trying to insist that electrics not be charged prices at stations or at home that would challenge the horrid absolutely horrid ultra high cost parity floor for petrol- when the alternatives are already 1/4 the cost and will drop to something like 1/17000 the cost. And the greatest scam off them all hydrogen or the scam of the long tail pipe centralized emissions where they claim hydrogen is clean when much more likely it would be a bunch of tar sand, more tar sand than would otherwise be used ever (a tar sand enabler) simply centralizing emissions but also creating even less efficiency creating even longer wage slaving tread milling zombifying hours and decrements to quality of life standard of living undermining conditions even further we already have in a world where women essentially work for free relative to their parents so much so they have to pay other people to raise their latch keyed kids.

    By 1950 it was clear the scarcity problem was solved despite the horrid massively regressive economics of petrol. Solution for defunct capital was find a massive source of incrementally increasing artificial scarcity and create a phony babysitting economy for as long as people could be made to be in denial about it. They did this through eliminating the fairness doctrine in media (to be fair it was a weak reflection of the court's actual free speech doctrine that said commercial speech was last in line- it wasn't enforced and an editorial firewall on sponsorship /bribery is no protection at all) and turning law into a matter of bribery or money as law with the sponsor media filter- the point of sponsored media is not selling product or demand creation it is about censorship and spin and capture of candidates. Also through delinking wages from inflation and through coopting labor with agency shops (bribery again) and by claiming that money is speech. Note their BS recently when cities and counties and states sued the Texas Energy Sector saying that Exxon had constitutional rights- its basically the rich saying their money has rights or their abuse of the money power has rights only an absolute and total fool would ever believe that- that's pure criminality an absolute dilution of any meaningful rights or rights capture through bribery followed up for protections for bribery.

    cont. in follow up post below.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Also for more perspective when General Kelly White House Chief of Staff was saying the US should have compromised on slavery (akin to compromises on mass murder or genocide) he was recognizing that petrol is civil rights part II because its continued existence revolves around asserting what the Texas Energy Sector's predecessor was asserting in its demand for a right to exploit human beings for gain or a right to slavery or a right of the strong to tell the supposed weak what to do to classify people as property or human resources- really they are saying that if someone finds a loaded gun in a room then "finders keepers" the possessor of the gun should be free to act like a mass murdering psychopath rapists and its un-justice when there is opposition to what is in essence might-makes-right arbitrary exclusive capture of power, it is the same claim as hereditary power or roll the dice as to which set of hips one comes out of but typically also disempower women. They are trying to make due process and justice and ethical law illegal. And keep in mind what Rex Tillerson former Exxon CEO said while he was US Secretary of State: lets fund social security with a carbon tax. Essentially implying that ordinary people can only retire if the petrol scam (right to exploit style right side impoverishing welfare) is allowed to continue. But remember this same posse liquidated private pensions literally outright theft of the retirement accounts of tens of millions claiming cost savings for the Fortune 1000 to trigger CEO bonuses through a Bush change in the tax code definition of 'profit' for these government tit sucking dependent welfare queen firms. Now most public pensions are being held hostage by being loaded with fraudulent petrol derivative debt that is blind debt Ponzi style that can't be audited that will collapse the major banks and economy as it did in 08 with these banks requesting to collateralize this junk petrol debt with your deposits so you get bail-ins or IOUs in defunct Bank of America stock instead of cash out of the ATM Cyprus style.

    So when Jim Chanos, another completely unnecessary billionaire (Buckmister Fuller said there should be 6 billion billionaires living in perfect ecology- and there would be if not for the Chanos style meter-the-wind gluttons,) says Tesla is worth 0, he is telling you his frat buddies in the Texas Energy Sector told him the fix was in as with Iraq I and Iraq I and 911 and other Texas Energy Sector actions. But when Donald Trump tells you the sector is in shambles and needs to be bailed out again for like the thousandth time that is also true just like a ICE meth head relies on their family through stealing from them. But note this has run its course because the last straw in the tax arsenal that supports this kind of fraud (150% of revenues in direct state subsidies for petrol going back to the beginning) is having to raise an import tariff in the face of other petrol pump cutting economies dropping tariffs and having to raise it because the negative efficiencies have hollowed out your public sector enough that you have no choice whereas trade partner competitors are now free on positive green efficiencies to leave you in the dust in a way much greater than the way "built-out" inefficiencies in the UK allowed the US to leave the UK in the dust. The difference is like having 14% profit built into every endeavor vice having a 14% headwind of loss to overcome built into everything. You go backward in a hurry. And remember if your public sector is hallowed out your private sector is too because the private sector is just a reflection of the public sector- no ultimate difference (more on that below.)

    This last bit on the tariff and entailed global shift is where the Texas Energy Sector is finally held accountable has to come clean and pay its bill/debt. Because despite their stupid self serving plan to keep the US on top with their PNAC they've actually put China a Communist country on top and the US in the same spot the UK was in relative to the US but worse. You see this realization was part of what caused all of this. In 1970 it was recognized that the US was a totally top down centralized fully planned economy the way the USSR was. Take your pick chocolate, vanilla, stawberry or socialism, communism, capitalism they had the same issue of being fully planned and top down centralized. Getting better software or hardware won't fix it. It was the realization that because of automation the private sector was dead, labor was dead and as the other side of the coin capital was dead it was a post capitalist society in 1970 and so the TES wanted to go back to the plantation to retain their status- it is what they always wanted, recognizing what was always the case that the private sector was just an extension of the public sector that it was always big government they sought to hollow out and weaken or capture the public sector so it couldn't hold them accountable for for instance the Civil war where the reality of actual slavery only came to an end in 1950. Having the US raise a tariff and China drop one shows the US has been displaced as a power and its been displaced because of the rabid stupidity of the TES. Slavery is for fools, in an age of automation slavery is worse than murder, it is gluttony beyond imagination. Slavery was unnecessary even in the hunter gather period and more than 50 years ago we went to the moon and even at that time the US alone could feed the planet.

    Today going toward artificial reality as an electronic drug /anesthesia won't fix it. A society built on small open membership pay-as-you-go essentially conflict of interest free organizations might- that as opposed to the delusion of ownership- you don't own other people or their time. We need the high indexed guaranteed annual income that thousands of economists recommended in 1970 so people aren't doing things in the age of automation for money they otherwise wouldn't not when freedom is their inheritance and was their inheritance since these realizations set in in 1970. We don't need a world where a billionaire living on ill-gotten wealth has unlimited choice of involuntary sex workers who can't even afford to raise their own children. We must get rid of Machiavellian bribery based politics and the sponsored media that enables it. This means replacing sponsored media with open honest unsponsored semantic search with a mesh server-less basis see Search on SAFE plus Solid. Amazing what this would do for business because it aligns the interests of customers and suppliers and gets the lie industry of puffers out of picture and begins to base things around product education. It also ends the theft of attention. There is no way to steal someone's attention, attention is opt in and paid, in this system Merkle tree type webs of trust filter as they do with spam filters and this system provides transparency that protects privacy and rights assertions and ends organizational secrecy and scams like the petrol fraud that has about destroyed the US- practice Machiavellian politics and get a life sentence no possibility of parole, the ends are means in themselves.

    Finally a totally green economy. A petrol economy is like someone who thinks vodka is water and gets through his 20s but ends up a penniless, all alone convict in the street in need of a liver transplant. A green economy is better than perfected hot fusion. Better than perfected hot fusion is: pick the closest star, dial in 8 mins of travel time across 93 million miles of space and capture at point with a PV cell and smooth in time with a battery. You don't even have much heat pollution or may net out at zero.

    One more thing, schools that teach civics and teach children how to find their own voice and preserve their creativity and teach them not to fear numbers but how to see through number based claims. And teach them to value relationships based on friendship trust and open inclusion. Teach them to recognize and reject fear. Teach them that money has been a mechanism we use to control each other and how to recognize the proper voucherization of money so it cannot be used that way, namely supplying the base of Maslow's pyramid so people can grow up with volition intact and healthier forms of ambition.

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