Test: ''Your perfect electric car''

Discussion in 'General' started by Denis EVfanboy, Jul 23, 2019.

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  1. Denis EVfanboy

    Denis EVfanboy New Member

    Hi, guys!

    We’ve recently added a test to EV Compare — ''Your perfect electric car’’

    This fun 1-minute test helps you find the electric vehicle according to your requirements.

    Please, try it and let me know what you think.
    Are you happy with the results?
    What needs to be improved?
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  3. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    My conditions were $40,000 and it gave me "Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo" which cannot be in the price range and I guess it matters to those who are obsessed about 0-60. The next one was Kia Niro EV 64 kWh which is OK and the third one VW I.D. Buzz concept of which there was no information.

    So it did not really give me anything useful. Also the questions were vague. I do care about 0-60 but I want it to be fast so that I can overtake a set of three trucks in front of me. So you may want to use a scale rather than questions which are not quite what you want.
  4. Denis EVfanboy

    Denis EVfanboy New Member

    Thank you for the feedback! We'll correct the mistake with concepts (no price stated) and improve the answer options (acceleration). Could you please take the test one more? The results should be much better now.
  5. MzTeaze

    MzTeaze New Member

    I took the test and received all Teslas as the answer. The questions and answers were cute but not really serious.
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  6. David Green

    David Green Well-Known Member

    Literally a waste of time, I put that Luxury and comfort were most important and money was no object, and it gave me Tesla S, Tesla X, and then Model 3 standard Range. First, Tesla does not know how to make a real luxury car, that has the nice touch and feel to all the surfaces, and Tesla lacks many features that are standard in a modern luxury car, like cooled / massage seats, gesture tailgate, wireless phone charging, I-Phone integration with apple car play, power sunroof cover, 4 zone climate control (heck, in my E-Tron you can even set a specific temp in the footwells for those with cold feet), rear seat sun shades, etc...

    I am guessing it picked Tesla because I said road trips to see family members once in a while, and the people who programmed this survey are still lost in the past and think the Supercharger network is the best way to go... Lost in the Past in the area I live, there are almost double the Electrify America stations in a 200 mile radius as there are Tesla Supercharger stations, and Electrify America is still building out cycle 1 of 4. In the areas I would travel EA is already way ahead of Tesla (more convenient locations), and the gap is growing as there is many more stations under construction. Did I mention E-Tron fast charges faster than a Tesla S or X, and its not even close...
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  8. Denis EVfanboy

    Denis EVfanboy New Member

    Thank you. You case shows that our test if far from perfect. I'll see what we can do to make it really helpful.
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  9. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber


    It sounds like you want the quiz to be a 'requirements' analysis to help recommend an appropriate EV. A retired engineer, this is not a trivial task. In my case:
    1. long range travel - local travel, 25-72 miles, is assumed. It is long range travel that is the challenge and that depends on fast DC charger type and their density along potential routes. Perhaps something like, "What is the longest distance trip you expect to take every 1-2 years?"
    2. seats and cargo - the car must take our family and 'stuff' as needed. "How many people in your family?"
    3. L2 charging - a short local range can be compensated by a strong, +6.6 kW, built-in AC charger. "How many miles do you typically drive in a work day?"
    4. driver and passenger creature comforts - very hard to define. "Do you prefer buttons versus menu access?" Of course the biased question is, "Do you prefer Windows or Apple computers?"
    5. purchase/lease of new vs used cars - difficult, "Do you buy a new car or would a one-owner used car work?"
    A review of "requirements analysis" literature might help. A retired contractor engineer on NASA and DoD projects, both have a lot of materials available. Dry reading unless you like that sort of thing.

    Bob Wilson
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