Tesla's Rock Star Status Assured!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    What do these things have to do with each other:

    1. News Week just put out an article with its headline quote advocating violence against Tesla's CEO

    2. Necons, Clapper, Brennan and McCain are calling for Trump Impeachment

    3. Former Exxon CEO and US secretary of state was fired

    Petrol needs another bailout war and petrol PR campaign (making it seem like petrol fuel energy is still relevant or necessary or the artificial scarcity it creates is at existential risk) and they want that to be Iran because its friendly to a couple Mid East states that guide the petrarchy. Trump knowing its an unnecessary conflict with nuclear Russia has been removing that from real consideration. This is starving the neocon masters for money (holding their breath through most of the Obama admin) because they need endless bailouts and ever increasing subsidies to retain power let alone increase it and make it absolute. Their agenda is being sidelined and they can't hold their breath much longer so they are in a panic. You can see this pattern in the removal of Rex Tillerson. First what was Tillerson doing in that post in the first place- really wrong message. Domestically Tillerson was proposing that social security be contingent on continued petrol subsides perversely wrapped in carbon tax language- you can have freedom from slavery when you're used up and can't be slaved anymore if you reinforce slavery kind of logic. Him being gone is another sign that Trump isn't going in the direction they'd like. It is true that Russia seems petrol dependent, but that is an illusion, it need be no more dependent on petrol than China which is cutting the cord as is the EU. Remember Russia's treatment of Yukos. Neocons are getting mad because they need another phony war to justify petrol's mind share, pretend its worth fighting for when it isn't. Also mad because with most of the world cutting the cord they can't push the product anymore and have to hide behind tariffs due to petrol causing a much higher cost of goods for the artificially petrol dependent US- could be off petrol in a heart beat radically improving the stability and fairness/justice of the economy and the prospects for the country and even greatly helping its long term survival.

    Petrol-cons and Petrarchy are incredibly mad at Tesla because its products show how unnecessary they and their agenda are. Hence their claims in captured media that Tesla is losing groupies and is less heroic and parroting violence against the firm (remember the axe taken to a Model 3(?)) and trying to target its CEO. That diver made himself a public person and who knows what his motivation was. Could have been paid to do it, could have been mad about the affront to useless vile petrarchy/monarchy when Trump trounced in front of the so-called German imported queen, could have been a big investor in Exxon, could have been part of the blue blooded inbred Brit version of pizza gate that hit the Brit state, claim could have been true making the PR seeking claim ironic? Diver fell on his own sword, but nothing about Musk's intentions with regard to doing the right thing with regard to petrol and actually doing it is in question. And taking out petrol fuel energy is about the most important thing that can be done. So its true groupies he never had (neocons) may be falling off even more but who gives a damn about their vision of almost everyone controlled by money with scarcity reinforced by petrol. Musk is a threat to their terrorizing, that is all.

    Can't wait for the the M3P to stomp all the BMW (petrol shill) M-Series at the track- all of them.

    In the meantime witness the hilarity of a ginger red neck woman brandishing in Old Glory in a riot in front of the White House with a shirt saying "Down with (T)russian!" Tesla is part of America taking out its garbage. Down with petrol reinforced hereditary rule/slavery, down with monarchy. No inbred elitist aristocrat is any better than the T meister, he is their true colors showing, not so superior after all it seems. If they don't want a never to exist again job they can recognize right now that all boats rise together all boats sink. Hopefully T's replacement is left of Bernie!
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