Tesla's broken promises

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by David Green, Sep 10, 2019.

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  2. Yep, Bobby likes empirical, and nothing more empirical than financial performance data. When your net margins are razor thin or in the red, doesn't take much of a gross margin drop to lose a lot of money. It's like physics, can't argue with that...

    With new Tesla killers at the top, and also at the bottom, gross margins can only go down if they want to keep selling. And if sales drop, then you get into that deadly financial spiral, with costs (per unit) going up and cutting back on capital expenditures (new development). And at some point the stock will really crash.

    Not saying this is going to happen, but sure looks that way at this point in time. I think the best hope for Tesla is someone big is going to buy them out, like Apple, Google or Amazon,... not another car company.
  3. David Green

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    Be nice to Bob, Dominic (site Admin) told me to... Bob is a paid subscriber on this site, so i think he gets protections not allowed the rest of us. I see you have figured out Bob only likes data that supports Tesla, not real data... haha! It's all good, I hope Bob stops by on his way through Seattle, even though we disagree most of the time it would be fun to meet him and do some car testing.
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    I am sorry but I think this statement was uncalled for. I have not seen Bob get any specific protections that have not been given to others. You yourself have made a lot of statements and no one has called you out for making those statements, we may have argued with your premise. I do not necessarily agree with all that Bob says, and have called him out at time. However, I appreciate his knowledge, his engineers approach to problem solving and his great interest in all things EV. He has a lot of knowledge that he freely shares. If Bob is biased towards Tesla, you are biased against it, so it does not make him or you wrong. Again, never met Bob, I only know him through this forum.
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    Haha! Come on, we are all men here, or grown up at least. Bob has been off on most of his projections and goes out of his way to make other EV's look bad, scouring you tube for any shred of information to support a poor conclusion, and then any lighter information is just wrong. I usually will come clean if my projections miss, actually Tesla missed my bearish USA sales projection in August, and I was quick to point out I was wrong, had given Tesla too much credit. BTW, when I make posts on here is am mostly just playing, and not super serious. Maybe you could relax a bit and not. take everything so literally, lighten up and have some fun...
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    Just out of interest, does the American media (and by association the American public) not understand the meaning of the word promise?

    Promise: assure someone that one will definitely do something.
  7. David Green

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    Elon Tweet in 2017

    “What people should absolutely have zero concern about, and I mean 0, is that Tesla will achieve a 10,000 unit production week by the end of next year.

    And at the end of 2018 Tesla achieved about half Elon's promise... That tweet is a promise by your definition...
  8. gooki

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    Great example.

    7,500 per week to be more precise.
  9. David Green

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    Where did you see a sustained 7500 a week rate? Q4 2018 rate is more like <5K per week with one 24 hour burst rate of 1000 stated by Elon?
  10. gooki

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    5,500 3
    2,000 S and X

    The 10,000 vehicle quote was never about just the models 3 it was all Tesla vehicles. Unfortunately many folk have comprehension issues and warped it to mean Model 3 only.
  11. David Green

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    OK, But still a broken promise... does not matter if they produced 9999, its a broken promise...

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