TeslaCam 3 cameras vs stand-alone dashcam

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by MTN Ranger, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Here is my latest video comparing the new 5.15 software update with three camera recording.

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    The Tesla provides a side view not provided by the forward looking, dash cam. So if someone invades the Tesla lane, there will be imagery.

    Bob Wilson
  3. What's great is that Tesla can keep adding new functionality. My two big wishes are a wider angle front view (since there are two cameras up front, I don't see why it's not possible) and the rear camera view.
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    What's the rear cam like on the Model 3? Is it a low res camera just used for backing up? Or is it a pretty good quality that cam capture details?
  5. The rear cam is the best I have used on any car. Large and in high definition. I'll post a photo.
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  6. Of course taking a photo of an LCD will not look as good as it does in person. Rear View Cam 1.jpg Rear View Cam 2.jpg Rear View Cam 3.jpg
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    Those actually look pretty good! I have a Thinkware F750 Front/Rear cam recorder in my Suzuki right now. Front and rear are both 1920 x 1080

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