Tesla will never back away from Solar despite shill media claims to help shorts

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 23, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    What happened with Solar City despite the idiot claims on the right is the Nevada Legislature was allowed to do something criminal that ironically the fed under Obama should have stopped. It has been corrected but in the meantime the orange admin has been trying to strap a ball and chain on solar to protect the weak brittle derelict always a damsel-in-distress petrol industry with yet another huge bailout at the huge expense of the US people- we've had dozens of these bailout exercises now and its been impoverishing the country and destroying its freedoms and it has cost the US the place in the world it had after WWII. Green would never need bailouts, won't even need subsidies, but petrol has never been anything but titanic subsides in excess of revenues and bailouts because it has intrinsically bad economics.

    The point of Tesla is to kill petrol fuel energy outright. Petrol fuel energy is the biggest scam in history, but in context its part of the same scam perpetuated by Whites in the American South against blacks. It is a people as property model that has been used to turn most of the US economy into fraud. This is because of its extremely low hugely sub threshold economic efficiency. It has always been massively subsidized way in excess of revenues. The opposite is the case with green tech which is surplus generating and economically way above threshold.

    Ask your self why would it be a matter of national security to save coal plants as Trump is asserting? Seriously, beyond the BS because coal is far from an ideal back up. So what is that about? And why is it a matter of national security to slap tariffs on German Luxury cars? You know that's about trying to get them to retaliate against US electrics Tesla in particular because Tesla scares pathetic petrol to death- because the truth in blazing counter example out in broad daylight can't be argued with. Ask yourself why the right was so upset with Obama (besides the fact that he was a black man symbolizing retribution for wrong doing)- it was because he unleashed great to cut their money. In cleaning up health care the expensive premiums of which masked petrol subsides (health care was/is being used to prop up useless petrol fuel energy) he was cutting the right's money, and if you haven't noticed the right has made it so it takes bribery and prostitution to hold office. And what does too big to fail actually mean? What is going on is that like a metastasized cancer, too big to fail is a claim by the fraudsters (on the right) that removing the cancer will kill the patient or the country hence national security. It is a threat. They are saying it would be Bush's 07 and TARP all over again with no safety net if petrol is allowed to collapse or its subsidies or status threatened. Really- it did that on its own under Bush where the conditions couldn't possibly have been more favorable- that is why Obama unleashed green energy policy.

    Can't stress enough that petrol is not just putting current and future generations at risk of nuclear war over climate driven migratory instability and stupid unnecessary wars, it is literally civil rights part II and an attempt to roll back the results of the Civil War and take us back to the plantation, it is in part, as all conservative fundamentalism is a war on brown people or anyone else that is different, it is the terrorism its always projecting about and its totally in line with the program of the last 5 decades under artificial scarcity creation of lowering wages and increase debt to get total control of the population. And its done that, but the population is waking up. Today the average woman relative to what her family had in 1970 is working for free to pay a stranger to raise her children and the population itself (not the net negative non contributing surplus receivers) is getting 1/16th per economic unit what it received in 1970.

    What Trump is doing with tariffs is another useless petrol bailout but the threat is that if this level of increased subsidy isn't granted to petrol it will collapse the US financial sector again. But again it did that under the most favorable conditions imaginable under Bush, each collapse happens on schedule and is worse than the last because of structurally permanently horrid economics that hollow everything out. The rest of the world despite what Ross says is now in a position due to green energy to cut the pump cord, pull the plug and walk away, they can trade with each other, nothing the US provides is indispensable, the rest of the world with Paris concluded the game of petrol slavery.

    Lets talk about the the USSR. Did it just go dark in 1989? That is my guess. When around 1970 2000 economists from right and left told the global leaders and public policy people to lay everyone off and pay them high indexed GAIs to avoid civil wars because capital was dead because labor was dead citing the US being able to feed the world with 3% of the population in 1970 when in 1870 16hrs a day 7 days a week with 97% of the people in the field was a cycle of feast/famine and noting that man had landed on the moon and nuclear energy had arrived- at that point surely the Soviet Union realized the US had be come the top down fully planned centralized economy that it was always accused of being. Surely it knew that prior, the US was just another technocracy like itself but with less in the way of on paper ideals. And surely it recognized there were people that defected to the West just to come back to communism because it was easier- but still a nightmare in many times and places- same could be said of the US. Just like there were people that fled German to go to Israel but by in large went back to Germany. Point is the USSR eliminated some organizational boxes, changed some names and made some things legal that weren't legal before, but they still jailed petrol magnate Yukos for tax evasion- telling and apparently quite proper even as they've slid somewhat into the petrol trap. Ask yourself who is Vladimir Putin and what is his history? He is KGB, a KGB boss now runs Russia. Why (?) because capitalism was dead back in 70 (good riddance as it was just another form of slavery) and every thinking person knew it.

    Ask yourself is China still communist? Answer, yes it is. Parties suck but how many parties are there in China? Only 1, and remember what Marx said about parties- very telltale. Ask yourself what the PPP or public private partnerships are that China runs? Is it just merely the worst of socialism, like GM being able to force you to buy one of their crap products? Under high power distance tolerant Chinese post Confucian society it was always the job of little brother to respect big brother and big brother to take of little brother in an extended family model to keep the peace. China is radically ethnically and culturally diverse with 6 largely incompatible dialects and only a shared written language. Under that massive history of cultural diversity historically in the country where party bosses could not control diverse cantons, it was just state oversight sometimes quite loose especially when crack downs generally provided at best mixed results. The same PPP model here in the states is the idiocy and fraud of privatization. A for-profit parasite will be brought in to rape a needed program that is much more efficiently and effectively run at cost and where the profit is just pure theft and the target is typically a program to benefit the disadvantaged. The parasite will hollow the program out with useless parasitic profit and then claim it never worked and be a hero among parasites for reducing the tax burden on the non-contributing rich parasites. Sometimes this BS happens even with parasite being granted a local monopoly.

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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member


    In essence, capitalism died 5 decades ago (at a high point of social democracy politically) and gave way to a phony fraud based economy where the artificial scarcity of horridly low economic petrol was brought in to fake it for as long as possible (cancel the abundance of automation) while bringing back an idiot hereditary wealth/power model that we fought the revolutionary war to get away from, but in the rest of the world (and even in the US) there is a recognition that we are going to some sort of more bottom up socialism- Marx ultimate destination- remember the communists always wanted to get rid of the state, money, markets and contracts. And as for everyone is equal. That is just a fact in a way that goes beyond the tripe of equal opportunity. Its is only immature morons that don't know this. There is intrinsic equality period. May not have all the same skill sets but that just causes us to need each other in relationship to pursue the good life but we share the same core of being, rent the same mind. Drop some acid, meditate, do whatever you need to do to get it, people who willfully don't get it and prattle on about property are just moronic idiots who don't understand the joke is on them and they are the dumbest person in the room living out an inferiority complex and projecting all over the place. You see a bunch of people from the petrol energy sector projecting this libertarian BS but they are the biggest welfare queens in history. Oh sure, fish aquariums and markets are somehow self-regulating but their own market manipulations are supposed to make them and their kin the master of society for endless generations- biggest hypocrites in history.

    The world is moving on to friendship based relationships built on trust and and honesty and best approximations of truth and leaving behind weak fear based projective control based systems based on lies and never justifiable elitism and bigotry. Bottom up is like going back to the homestead. A solar on your roof and batteries in your house and some BEVs means you pay off your mortgage, and they are a lot further away from being able to steal your time and attention or steal your children's or send your children off to some useless war.
  4. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Meant only as a beneficial suggestion: http://twain.lib.virginia.edu/projects/rissetto/offense.html

    If you insist on writing long essays, perhaps you might consider three headers:

    No more than 2-3 pithy sentences describing briefly your premise.​

    As much as you want following Mark Twain's advice.​

    No more than 3-5 pithy sentences.​

    Bob Wilson
  5. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I would strongly recommend taking English courses at a local college. Against my better judgement, this is what I would expect an editor to do with just the first paragraph:

    What happened with Solar City? remains a question never answered.

    despite the idiot claims on the right
    An accusation without details is noise, fluff.

    is the Nevada Legislature was allowed to do something criminal
    ? When, what, and where is missing.

    that ironically the fed under Obama should have stopped.
    Unrelated to facts or data, fluff.

    It has been corrected
    "It" has not been defined.

    but in the meantime the orange admin has been trying to strap a ball and chain on solar
    Trite, lacking facts.

    to protect the weak brittle derelict always a damsel-in-distress petrol industry
    Unrelated fluff

    with yet another huge bailout
    Lacking facts of what, when, how much.

    at the huge expense of the US people- we've had dozens of these bailout exercises now and its been impoverishing the country and destroying its freedoms and it has cost the US the place in the world it had after WWII.
    Lacking facts of what, when, how much, trite.

    Green would never need bailouts, won't even need subsidies, but petrol has never been anything but titanic subsides in excess of revenues and bailouts because it has intrinsically bad economics.
    Again, no facts and data. A Trump-like harangue.

    The first paragraph lacks specific facts and data leaving the reader even less informed than before. Vague accusations, we still don't know of any public law, budget, or policy that needs correcting. A strong introduction leads to curiosity but a weak one encourages finding something better to do. Let me give an example:

    Nevada passed <insert title of bill and summary> for Solar City. In opposition, Trump <insert actions> supports petroleum against Solar City. Green <insert specific technology> does not need petroleum-like support.​

    I had you on my ignore list because your essays were so difficult to read, much less understand. But as is my practice, I periodically turn off ignore to see if the subject has gone away or reformed. Then I realized our problem is lack of an editor or training on how to write.

    It is not the number of words but their quality that makes a posting worth reading. Less is best.

    Bob Wilson
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
  6. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    I've heard that, from editors and/or writing style experts, as "Less is more".

    A lesson that I personally should take to heart much more often!

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  8. bowprecession

    bowprecession New Member

    His panels would are charging electric battery - electric battery that was powering his ebike. to offer him additional vary on already charged batteries.

    He wouldn't are running his ebike of 300watts of panels directly.

    300Watts of panels produces, at max, eighteen Amps at sixteen volts, or twelve Amps at twenty five v (at theoretical Georgia home boy potency - which suggests a chilly day with bright direct sun pointed directly at the panels).

    As you'll grasp having associate degree eboard, you need, at twenty five volts, around 70+ amps to induce anyplace. My eboard (6s) pulls up to one hundred twenty Amps uphill. On the flats around 30-70 amps. Even with higher voltage you have got a similar ratios - you’ll gain voltage however call amp production from your panels.

    If you designed a really lightweight bike, with low friction tyres, panels angulate at the sun, in ideal weather, with a pedal begin, on flat ground, you may slowly propel yourself with 300watts of star. till you weren't aligned with the sun directly… and that’s with a solar battery space of 3metres by one.5 metres.

    I am a star specialist - I create and install solar battery kits for camper vans, therefore i'm alert to what they're capabale of.

    One issue I do knock off the summer, is charger a lead-acid battery with star, that I then successively use to partly charge by eboard typically. however a lead-acid battery doesn’t have the beans to charge a 15Ah 6s battery pack before the voltage drops below the charger’s minimum demand.

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