Tesla will be highest market cap auto maker within 2 years.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Lets make a very conservative prediction: Tesla will be the top valued highest market cap auto maker within 2 years- 3 at the outside. It wont take to long pass Mercedes to become number 3 and about the same time it will pass VW to become #2. Does it give you any confidence that VW is having to partner with laggard Ford and is trying to trade on its employees jobs?

    Tesla will be in S&P500 within a year. The stupid short thesis that Tesla doesn't have fossil fuel ICE vehicles to cannibalize is destroyed by Tesla energy. Tesla makes money by saving its customers huge amounts of money and making them more secure as it cuts cords and cuts the rent seeking that eats into their quality of life and standard of living. Its competition makes money by ripping off its customers off and playing Russian roulette with their lives and that of future generations the competition adds to the insecurity and exposure to risks. Cost of the electrons powering your home and cars from your roof and batteries is flat and determined anyone want to bet on the cost of stupid unnecessary preemptive wars and climate instability and the migration caused by it? The competitors are morally, ethically and politically wrong and backwards and in an endless amount of true debt which will be becoming obvious to the average person and be due on an accelerated schedule. It is inevitable that fossil fuel culprits will pay (especially those dumb enough to be involve in natural gas) the full price of this intentional wrong doing where they expect payment they will get forfeiture and debt and confiscation.

    Right now Tesla in true value is the most valuable company on the planet by far but in the current suppressed market cap it is more valuable than:

    Nissan Renault Mitsubishi
    SAIC Group
    Fiat Chrysler
    Citroen Peugeot

    Again it will soon over take Mercedes and VW to become #2.

    It did this with just 3 models. It only needs 8 (thread title with 9 vehicles to take over was too conservative) to dominate land transport and 3 more are about to come out of the oven. It will have the 8 vehicle out within 3 years. Toyota's share price will get dragged down under $100 a share over this and when Tesla has just 6 vehicles it should be the most valuable auto maker in the world in terms of market cap (again it already is otherwise many times over- its got infinite good will vs the public enemy status of the competition) and there will be no second guessing about this. At that point Tesla may be selling 1/6 the number of vehicles that Toyota does but the negative multiplier effect and bans will hit Toyota. Its dealers will become a drag too. A democratic US House is going to give captured corrupted US agencies more trouble too. If you doubt this Model 3 in the US is bringing in more revenue now than Camry and Tesla is crushing Toyota's hybrid business in the US and crushing hybrids in general. By 2021 Tesla will have a higher market cap than Toyota and I hope that cause Toyota to change course on EVs. Toyota still has good will for providing the highest quality for 40 years and for being instrumental in the birth and start of Tesla- without Toyota there would be no Tesla. Toyota also gets credit for proving electric tech with the Prius- Prius was a true Trojan horse with a redundant power train and couple that with Toyota's hand in take a decisive step to help launch Tesla and neither Toyota nor anyone else can deny Toyota's role and the good will from it. Toyota not only gave the Freemont factor over and provided the Highlander as an early Tesla project it also invested in Tesla and was supportive. Surely that had something to do with Panasonic coming into the fold as half of Tesla. My hope is this also clears the way for Honda and Hyundai (Hyundai is doing great with its strides on EV.) and that these all go together with BYD and the Chinese makes to move us forward.
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  3. gooki

    gooki Well-Known Member

    My money is on three years time.

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