Tesla Truck is going to put Ford out of Business

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 30, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Lets be honest the F-150 was part of another stupid pathetic petrol industry scam to try to raise petrol usage. They wanted to push a less aero dynamic heavier vehicle to defy fuel economy standards, so all their quality and marketing and value push was aimed at going in this direction in contradiction to the public interest and claiming that American tastes had changed, they did the same with SUVs to an extent and also mini vans but those had aero dynamic and load efficiency arguments that were better- pushing the truck was/is indefensible. This type of criminal bs makes me glad there is a way we can spend money to put Ford, GM and FCA out of business through buying Tesla products and Tesla stock.

    Right now I am guessing Ford is on its hands and knees begging for another petrol bail-out from the Trump administration.

    When Elon started talking about a F-150 plant looking like a morgue you could call it foreshadowing. Ford is hanging by that one product the F-150 and that product is incredibly weak against Tesla. So weak it really is time to start shorting Ford heavily- if you're in that to that kind of thing. Ford is weaker and more pathetic than any pretender company on the planet with regard to surviving the transition to green tech. Also more stupidly belligerent.

    I suspect the hardest smack down Tesla will ever be able to deliver will be against the Ford F series truck and it will bankrupt Ford. I expect just getting close to the Tesla Truck's release will take Ford stock to almost 0 or 0. Then Ford will be whining even more for a bailout trying to hide behind its workers jobs claiming its a job creator when its just another wage slaver- (Ford you want to claim you're not a wage slaver then pay a wage that allows your employees to start a competitor.)

    I expect a Tesla truck will outperform a ICE Mustang or Hybrid Mustang at the track, even a stripped down base model will do this. I also expect that a Tesla truck will pull 10 F-150 ICE trucks up a hill backwards and will have a 500 mile plus range. I also expect the price to be superior and the tech to be radically superior and the reliability and product life cycle to be 3-5x better and the cost per mile on a energy basis, especially if you go roof top solar plus battery, to be at least 7x better and the cost of maintenance to be 10x better. I also expect the initial price to be the same as a F-150. I expect the Tesla truck even more than the Model Y to implode criminal Detroit. No one can say they didn't have it coming for decades.

    One thing I can't highlight enough is that a Ford hybrid will be utter garbage in comparison to a Tesla truck. It will never perform remotely as well and is an absolute joke in terms of ever being economically competitive or cost competitive in any way as it is a dual redundant power train- the ICE pieces are utterly unnecessary baggage that drag down performance and add weight and reduce reliability. You'd have to be an utter fool to choose that stuff over Tesla.

    Let me give you a concrete example that ought to hammer this home. You like smogging your vehicles? You know what happens if your vehicle for some reason fails smog right? Think that is ever a cheap ordeal? Think that can't happen with a new Ford hybrid? What happens if your significant other puts the wrong oil in the thing or you get some bad gas or there is a oil leak unnoticed or radiator leak unnoticed or changes the oil some place where they fail to tighten the oil pan bolt... or a sensor goes bad? You'll never take a Tesla truck to smog. It doesn't have all that unnecessary pain in the aaa crap to fail. Buying a Ford Hybrid will be stupid beyond belief (reflected in resale value) like buying a PC where they tell you that even though it comes with a 100 terabyte SSD you must also accept a 20GB spun drive in the system and the OS can only be installed on the spun drive and the drive isn't really big enough to hold the whole OS without compression and you will have to bring it in every year and pay to see that spun drive can pass tests that don't have to do with the performance of the system and if it doesn't your system and wallet are at risk of being confiscated.
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  3. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member


    Good to see you've started using paragraphs in your posts.

    Now, if you could just eliminate all the conspiracy theory nonsense, and boil your comments down to an average length perhaps 20% of their current length, then perhaps some of your comments might be worth reading.

    Auto makers don't make cars to support some vast global conspiracy to support Big Oil. They make cars because people are willing to pay a significant amount of money for reliable, fast transportation. It was the general public who chose to switch from the horse-and-buggy to the gasmobile, not Standard Oil or its successors.

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