Tesla success will collapse Goldman so its shills say sell Tesla.

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Jun 27, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    TLDR: Goldman has 2x crash level of toxic petrol derivatives (insurance of debt of economically stranded petrol assets that collapsed the economy in 2007) on its books- its conflict of interest is so huge and obvious it might as well be Exxon telling you to short Tesla because if Tesla succeeds those derivatives will pop and this time take it down for good.

    Musk recently hung up on two Goldman shill 'analysts' in an earnings call. Now one of the shills is telling people to sell the stock and saying this on a super dumb theory like: Apple can't possibly make more iphones. What is happening?

    What is happening is that by recent estimates Goldman now has 50% more toxic derivative petrol Ponzi scheme liability than it had in the 07 Bush admin era collapse. Derivatives currently and previously almost all go to insuring economically stranded petrol assets- that is to say these insure otherwise uninsurable junk so that by law can't be audited no surprise because they are JUNK and inevitably the claim will again be made that the petrol fraud is too big to fail and it is necessary to socialize the cost of inevitable massive losses through austerity and now as a hedge collateralizing (confiscating) people's savings in bail-ins. Notice no one from Goldman went to jail during the last collapse despite it being expected and now what are they doing, doubling down on the same garbage. If the public misses a regular required petrol bailout out in the form of a phony war or other bit of fraud the whole thing goes down- it happens even if nothing goes wrong- no admin could have been more accommodating of the petrol fraud than the W. admin and it still went under and the blamed in on home loans to the poor where they were trying to socialize typical petrol losses with VARs. The current bailout attempt that shows how absolutely desperate it is getting is the Trump tariffs. The petrol fraud has literally cost the US its place in the world because its raising defensive tariffs to cover an economy and cost of goods that petrol even with massive subsides makes totally uncompetitive- another distraction from the fraud.

    Petrol is a big black hole fraud at the heart of the US economy as is the petrol dollar. There was never a need to peg a fiat currency to the crap that is petrol but this was all about generating artificial scarcity.

    Look at the areas petrol has been hollowing out to the point of collapse:

    Public Services
    (schools etc.)
    Finance/Insurance (buys this junk to socialize its losses while hollowing out products and services)
    Media (has to be captured to hide this lie and manipulate law to keep the fraud going)

    Ask yourself about medical debt, student loan debt, mortgage debt, credit card debt, failing but radically more expensive pensions and increasingly expensive life and auto insurance for less and less product. Ask yourself why Wells Fargo (which was made to take on petrol derivatives in the last collapse) was caught wide scale ripping off its customers through phony account creation- why would it need to do that? The answer to all of this is the petrol scam is hollowing out all of these entities through investment fraud with its ultra low sub thresh hold artificial scarcity inducing 13% economic efficiency. This is just another way of hiding rent seeking petrol wealth's theft from the average person. But keep in mind that the average person in the US is already giving them something like $500-$600 a month for their obsolete totally replaceable toxic criminal product product and then add on another 1.3 trillion in fed/state subsidies and the hidden externalities costs. Now they are trying to steal social security again like they did during the W. Admin but this time with phony version of a carbon tax that will hold social security hostage (not like the sequestration fraud isn't already doing that) the way they did pensions before liquidating the private pensions through direct theft- attempting that now with public pensions through saddling them with the same petrol garbage.

    This is a Ponzi scheme pure and simple based on the horrid economics of petrol- think of a system where at just the last step in a 10,000 steps of radical inefficiency 66% of the product e.g. the gas in say a Honda Accord is going to heat up the atmosphere vice produce motive power. Like all Ponzi schemes it will totally collapse but it has regular but ever increasing artificial scarcity austerity inducing mini collapses before the big one.

    When Goldman collapses this time the most important thing is to make the rich eat the austerity, make Goldman absorb its actual losses and pursue the prosecution to the limit. Also us it as an opportunity to permanently stop petrol subsidies- Exxon likely couldn't make it a month without subsidies- but up and running green firms don't need even the tiny subsidies offered them. A Tesla pin to the Goldman sht balloon is a very efficient form of bringing on that necessary collapse. A Tesla success is that pin and hence the freeloaders who depend on that corruption short Tesla. But Tesla or no Tesla this correction is inevitable. They want to slow it down so the criminal culprits are dead by the time the bill comes due, but that appears very unrealistic.

    Think of what happened in Chile, think of petrol as being like the power in charge of Chile in its darkest days- same model.

    Let us consider what happened again. In 38 Kenyes warned that the scarcity problem would yield to automation in total solution and when it did the pie slicer would be destroyed because work would be over and hence also labor and capital. In 70 the world's economists were sounding the alarm that Keynes prophesy had already come true telling all the policy people around the globe ( America elites were listening) lay everyone off permanently and pay a high indexed GAI from birth to death to avoid having civil wars everywhere. Instead right side elites started waging war on the public behind the scenes. Think about the elite position, how would they justify their status- they couldn't the would descend even if all boats were radically rising into the midst of people they thought of as their untouchable inferiors.

    Economist James Buchannan can apparently help explain it with his "world of slavery" goal


    That is what the petrol scam is about and why it has to be stopped. Tesla plays a role in stopping that as much apparently as petrol plays in seeing it fulfilled. No wonder Texas has a replica US Capital Building.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Noticed that Tesla shorts and critics seem to be some of the dumbest people on the planet. Just to say that feels a bit like projection but
    is so outrageous here. Its not just that they are stupid for being conservative or fundamentalists or shallow cynics types or even their dishonesty which seems rampant. No, it comes down to this, Musk and Tesla are trying to save people from becoming property whereas the opposition running on low quality sophistry complains bitterly about power sharing and the commons or at the core is advocating slavery as you can see in the work of James Buchanan. Musk is trying to free people from cages but the Koch type petrol contingency is trying to put people in enclosure cages and turn them into shock puppies. The negative media that covers Telsa is just transparently stupid and venal.

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